The Two-Tone Lip Trick. Quickie:

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: The Two-Tone Lip Trick.

I usually don’t write about myself so matter-of-fact, but I was asked this question several times about, how do I do my two-tone lipstick? and how can others do the same to make it look good? That’s very kind and thank you for asking. I’ll tell you how and why I do the two-tone lip.

First the why, I’m very big into shading and definition when it comes to art and life, so why not with makeup as well. I like playing with dark colors, but I have a very fair complexion, so bold, one dimensional lips can wash me out instantly. Adding a shading element can allow me to play with colors, whether it’s being bold or subtle.

Now the how. To get the two-tone look is really quite simple. It’s 3 easy steps.

Step One: Apply foundation on lips to keep the lip liner from bleeding.

Step Two: Choose your favorite lip liner and apply. Then, press and smear into the the foundation. This gives you a two-tone look immediately. Be sure to blend it in so it’s not just a distinct line around your lips. Remember shading is the key.

Step Three: Apply a neutral or clear gloss to the lips and press together. Blend where needed. Don’t forget to blot.

And, there you have extreme lip definition with a two-tone lip.

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By Tia Cristy