B.B. Cream? Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: B.B. Cream?

So I was asked what I thought about B.B. Cream, and the truth is, I like it. I don’t wear heavy make up, and for me, foundation can be heavy at times. So B.B. gives me all I need in one. And I like simple. Not all B.B.’s are built the same. White tea is the beneficial part of most B.B.’s. White tea protects the skin from pollutants. With the other combined ingredients you will get moisturizer, a protector, an even skin tone, coverage and usually anti-aging benefits from a good B.B.

Watch out for too many filler ingredients, going natural is best.

B.B. Cream is easy to apply. Put it on a clean face lightly. I dab it on instead of sweeping it goes right where it needs to without blocking pores. And that is my foundation for the day, I’ll use a concealer on top, if necessary. It is safe to apply foundation, blush and powder over top of it and still not have harmful effects. But overall, I can say, yes, I like it. And, my skin has thanked me for the continuous moisture and protection. The younger your skin is, greater the benefits of when you start to protect it, the healthier it will always look.

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By Tia Cristy