How to fix a finger nail, not all the way broken.

By Tia Cristy


It never
fails! I got somewhere important to go and I break a finger nail the day before. Not all the way, but  were it hurts and it’s going to hurt even worse if it rips off! I
don’t go to a nail salon to get my nails done, is there a way I can fix it myself without cutting it as low as possible, or is it a lost
cause?  Kim,


Tip from Tia:

It’s never a
lost cause. You have 3 options and it is a decision you have to make, to either let it go and cut your losses, literally, go to a nail salon to have them do their magic or try to fix
it yourself without a trip to the salon.

Fixing it yourself isn’t that difficult,
it just takes a little patience. First, you need a tea bag, super glue or a
nail glue and a plastic spoon
for application. Then of course your nail file and polish.

Cut open the tea bag and dump out the tea leaves, you won’t
need them for this process. Then, cut a rectangle to completely cover the
break. Put that aside for a second, and grab the glue. Remember if you are
using the super glue to be very careful with handling. You must line up the
broken nail to look seamless. Once you have it looking seamless, you then, put
the glue on your nail where the tea bag patch will cover completely, heaviest
being in the crack line. It’s a small area so you don’t need to be too
excessive on the glue. You will then lay the cut out of your tea bag across the
fracture line while moving it and laying it flat with the tip of the plastic
spoon. You must move quickly so the spoon or your fingers don’t get stuck to
the glue. Allow it to dry completely before doing the next step. By this point, your finger is starting to feel less pain.

After the glue
has dried you can take a nail file and buff it down to a smoother finish. Do
not be too aggressive, because you could remove the work you’ve just done. As I said patience is key in this process. Once you have
it semi smooth apply clear or bottom coats of polish to help smooth it more.
Once that is dry you may paint as desired. Remember the nail is more brittle
now, so don’t go tapping your fingers or using it the way you normally would, but
should be strong enough to get you through your important event. A quick side
note for when the patch is done, if you happen to get glue on your fingers or
when you are ready to remove the nail patch use acetone. Be sure to keep the
acetone clear from the patch until you are ready to remove it. It will break
down the glue and the tea bag and leave your natural nail with less abrasion. And with great hope, your nail grew over the couple days the patch was on and you can cut the nail down pain-free.

Tia, and  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me

By Tia Cristy