Help Heal, a Healing Wound. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: Help Heal, a Healing Wound.

A scab forms over a cut, to protect the growth of new skin. But, what happens when the scab keeps snagging, pulls off when you remove the bandage or just coming off, before the healing is over? The scab can rip off fresh skin, and cause a new healing process to start. Painful and annoying!

Here’s a tip to help heal that healing wound, and help prevent this from happening repeatedly; apply petroleum jelly to the scab after, applying the antibiotic ointment. The petroleum jelly will help moisturize the scab to keep it on the softer side and protect it from snagging. Add some petroleum jelly to the bandage, as well.

This process has been effective in reducing scarring as well.

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By Tia Cristy