Stuffy Nose, Clear it up. Tips on Triggers:

by Tia Cristy

(recap) Tips on Triggers:Stuffy Nose, Clear it up with this trigger point system.

Curl up your finger, use the flat part in between the knuckles and start at the top of the side of your nose where the eyebrow starts. Apply a fair amount of pressure and pause. Repeat pressure and pause along the whole side of your nose. (you may hear popping and crackling as you move downward)

Once at the nostril, slide finger with pressure across the cheek towards the ear. When you get to the ear, slide down the neck, still with slight pressure.

Use same process on the other side of the nose to clear that side. Repeat process when necessary.

Sinus infections can become a secondary problem after the flu. Mucus can be quite thick and cause blockage in the sinus, this trigger point system can help breakdown that blockage and prevent pain from a swollen tube filled with thick mucus. Call your doctor immediately, if you think you may have an infection or if symptoms don’t go away or get worse after several days.

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By Tia Cristy