Cold Wind can Trigger an Ear Infection. Tips on Triggers.

By Tia Cristy

(recap) Tips on Triggers: A cold wind can trigger an ear infection no matter what age you are.

Pelting weather going sideways hitting hard in the face and head; this is a reason for the invention of ear muffs and headbands that cover the ears. The wind can zip right into the ear applying pressure; then add in a sleet, rain or snow with it and now moisture has gotten into the canal. This is the worst.

It can create a very painful situation. So if it is a windy, cold, wet day, and you don’t have access to the ear coverings, here’s a tip. Get 2 cotton balls, add petroleum jelly or olive oil onto the cotton and place in each ear. Don’t shove in ear canal, place gently to just cover the canal. (be sure to assist your child if using this technique on them and remind them not to push it into the ear while it’s in there) The jelly or oil will keep the cotton ball from getting wet from the weather and the cotton will cover the opening so wind won’t pressurize your ear drums.

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By Tia Cristy