This Broccoli Can Help Fight the Start of a Cold. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy


Tips in Action: This Broccoli Can Help Fight the Start of a Cold.

In the midst of cold season, what is still the best way to help fight a cold? I’ve always heard feed it. Well, that is true in some ways, because there are certain nutrients that build your immune system and relieve symptoms that a cold can bring.

Garlic is amazing for building the immune system and packed with antioxidants, but most of us don’t want to eat a clove raw, nor do I recommend it. So here’s a great alternative. Sautee up some broccoli in a a garlic sauce, and if you want to add some heat, add a little chilli pepper. Chilli pepper will help clean out the sinuses. Broccoli is full of calcium and vitamin C to help boost the immune system. So, if a cold is coming your way heat up the skillet or if cooking isn’t your thing grab the Chinese take out menu full of great garlic dishes, and feel better soon.

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By Tia Cristy