Protection is Protection. Stupid Tip of the Day. (MA)

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: Protection is Protection.

Yeah, I don’t think so.

When it comes to that magic moment you don’t want anything to ruin the momentum, but in fact you must remember to think first and act second. It can be a scary world out there if you are not in a committed relationship and don’t protect yourself.

Studies are always coming up with new numbers, but it can be safe to say 1 out of 3 over the age of 14 has the potential of having an STD. So to put it bluntly, wrap it up. If you are responsible enough to have sex, you are responsible to be in charge of protecting yourself. Sex responsibility is not sexist.

Birth control does only that, protects you against giving birth, and is not 100% effective. Condoms are the way to protect yourself from pregnancy and STD’s, but as you also know, they too are not 100% effective. It may sound cliche’ but, abstinence is the only full proof way to keep clear of both, pregnancy and STD’s.

Using a plastic bag or wrap, is not the same thing as a condom, no matter what your friends may tell you. Plastic wrap only protects your food from freezer burn. (not 100% effective) No matter how much the urge has taken over, take the time to get the proper protection, because protection is not always protection.

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By Tia Cristy