Cucumbers Look Fancy with Ridges.

By Tia Cristy

Problem: Hi Tia, thanks for what you do. There’s a lot of parties coming up. Money is tight, so I want to do things DIY and I was wondering how do they make vegetable trays look so pretty, like the ridges on cucumbers?

Tip from Tia: Thank you for reading. I am all about doing things yourself when it comes to parties, as long as it’s not too overwhelming. Remember, it’s a party and you want to enjoy it too. You can save a lot money by doing it yourself, without going cheap.

Pay a couple extra dollars for garnishes that can make the tray look pretty, because more than likely, you still saved money.

Now, to answer your question on wondering how they make cucumbers look fancy with ridges on a veggie tray, peel the cucumber rinse it. Take a fork and run it down the sides of the cucumber. Slice it up. Spread the ridged circles nicely on the platter. Simple touches can make a difference.

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By Tia Cristy