Winter is coming – prepare your bedroom for cold days and nights

By Guest Blogger, David K.

Winter is coming – prepare your bedroom for cold days and nights


Temperatures are gradually getting lower day by day and no one has to tell you that winter is coming. Without a doubt, there is no better place to hide from it than cozy and comfy bedroom. When freezing snowy days come the only thing you would want to do is to curl up in a soft bed with a cup of favorite hot drink. Therefore, the following article will try to provide you the tips on how to prepare your bedroom for upcoming cold days and nights.


Color is the key to cozy atmosphere


When creating a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, colors are those that make all the difference. While cool colors are refreshing during hot summer days, rich and intense colors are perfect for comfy festive atmosphere in winter. Therefore, take the chill out of the bedroom by decorating the space with red, gold or burgundy accessorize and make it glow with these fiery tones.


Nice and soft bed


Since we all spend most of the winter in bed watching Christmas movies or reading good books, it is crucial to make our beds as cushy as possible. With that in mind, clutter up your bed with knit blankets, chunky wool duvets, and faux fur. What is more, the large pile of fluffy throws will provide you maximum comfort and a touch of luxury. You may also wish to change the kind of sheets you commonly sleep in. Cotton certainly isn’t said to be pleasing at low temperatures, but nice flannel sheets can come in handy. So, curl up in your little nook and make yourself feel as snug as a bug in a rug.


Cover up the floor


Little can be as annoying as walking on the uncovered floor on winter mornings. Getting out of warm bed and stepping onto cold surface simply makes you shiver. It would be far more satisfying to feel the warmth of wool or faux fur rug under your feet. For this reason, consider throwing a couple of runners or area rugs on the bedsides and beneath the dressing table. If you are short of spending money, you can easily cut the rug out of carpet or DIY amazing pom pom rug.


Shelter the windows


There is no doubt that window is to blame for letting chill air into your hideout. All the effort would thus be pointless unless you shelter it from blizzards and freezing winds first. If you want to keep your bedroom cozy, protect its window with curtains and awnings. As favorite window coverings, curtains are perfect sound and temperature insulators and light controllers. Coming in various fabrics and styles, they can hardly fail to meet someone’s requirements.


Winter scents


In order to increase the feeling of warmth, trigger your sense of smell. Let sweet appealing scents of cinnamon, chocolate or spices fill the air and help you forget about the terrible freeze waiting outside. So, get a room spray, or even better scented candles. The flickering light of candles will remind you of a fireplace and create a charming atmosphere.


The real sense of heat


Keeping the room temperature at the optimal level is an imperative if you want to lock out the cold. However, you might need some kind of extra heating such as space heater. Luckily, there is a wide range of them. Many people decide for convection space heaters for their bedroom since they don’t make too much noise. Also, there are plenty useful gadgets to keep you warm in winter. Electric blanket or foot warmers, for example.


If you followed above-listed advice, you wouldn’t even think about weather conditions. You will have your snug little space to wait for spring to come.

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