How to Use Carpet & Rugs in Your Home for a Stylish Look

By Guest Blogger, Steph C.

How to Use Carpet & Rugs in Your Home for a Stylish Look

Are you looking for a way to transform your house into a warm, welcoming place with a touch of elegance? All you need is carpet and some rugs. What follows next is a combination of basic design skills and creativity which we all have. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Determine which areas will require rugs and which ones will need carpet

It is the very common practice to use a carpet to cover wide areas such as the floor of the sitting room and a rug on smaller areas such as in place of a doormat. You can also place rugs under the furniture provided they are large enough, or even right beside your bed. DO NOT use a brightly colored rug at the door since it will easily get dirty thus becoming unattractive.

  • Choose carpets and rugs that best suit your place

There is a wide variety of Carpets and rugs in the market that you can choose from. You might end up with a carpet that makes the environment of your house looking like that of an office, which is something that you want to avoid. Therefore before choosing one you’ve got to consider a few things such as how it blends in with the internal surrounding of your house and the material it is made of, among other things. If you have no clue about how to choose a perfect rug or carpet for you place you can always seek an internal designer’s advice.

  • Design and creativity

This is a very important part that you can’t afford to ignore .It is what will bring out the uniqueness of your house when compared to other people’s houses. A small piece of advice, go with what you like and not what is considered normal. I prefer a combination of carpets having different patterns with rugs of different shapes. If you choose to go for a hand-woven carpet or rug make sure that it is finely woven to ensure durability. If you want to layer carpets of different patterns then do so using those of the same hues. For door rugs it is best to use a rough textured rug for the door mat and a soft textured one for the bedside rug. Fur and cotton wool provide soft textured rugs while sisal and nylon provide rough ones.

  • Use an amp

Besides providing a good music experience, an amp on top of rug can create such classy scenery. It also provides a high quality audio playback system for your home library. The good thing about these is that they come in a wide variety with different features which means, what you need is what you get. You can try out the CUBE lite amplifier to mention but a few.

Finally, to bring out that stylish look in your house you just have to be simple and open to trying new things. Do not overdo it.

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