The Pains You Should Never Ignore

The Pains You Should Never Ignore

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There’s no denying that pain is a part of life. We experience pain when we hit the gym too hard, pain when we spend too much time browsing online, causing us to have a headache and pain when we contract illnesses or injure ourselves in the course of living full lives. So, to some extent, it’s fair to say that pain is a normal part of life. However, if you’re experiencing unusual levels of pain, for which there is no obvious cause, like pushing your body to its limits on the track, then that’s something different entirely – something you should have checked out.


The following types of pain, in particular, should never be ignored…


A Burning  Sensation in the Feet and Legs


A one-off burning or tingling sensation in the feet and legs could be something as simple as pins and needles, but if it happens regularly and it’s intense, you NEED to arrange an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. Why? Because it could be a sign that you’re suffering from diabetic neuropathy and that’s serious. If you simply ignore this kind of pain, you would risk losing your foot or leg in the future and allowing untreated diabetes to completely ruin your body!


If you’re experiencing this kind of pain along with other issues such as itchy skin, cotton mouth and blurry vision, then you need to act immediately, no excuses!


Recurring Pain in the Chest, Belly, Throat or Arm


You probably know that a pain in the chest could be a symptom of a heart problem, but did you know that pains in the above areas can indicate the very same thing? If you didn’t, you aren’t alone, pains in these areas are common symptoms of medical misdiagnosis, with even doctors failing to get to the heart of the matter. That’s why, if you experience them regularly, and they don’t subside even after the doctor has ‘treated’ them, then you need to be persistent and go back for a second opinion. If you are complacent about these kinds of pains, then you could end up with serious heart issues not too far down the line.


Terrible Headaches


Most of us will experience headaches from time to time – it’s one of the most common ailments there is – however, if your headaches are much worse than usual, to the point that they could be called debilitating, and they are more persistent than usual taking a couple of Tylenol and trying to relax aren’t going to cut it. They could be a sign of eye problems, tumors or even bleeds on the brain. See a doctor immediately.


Sudden or Persistent Back Pain


There’s nothing unusual about back pain. There are literally millions of your fellow countrymen and women suffering from back pain right now. Most often, back pain is caused by bad posture, strains in the workplace or from physical activity and leading a sedentary lifestyle. However, it if comes on fast (with no obvious cause) feels sharp and persists over time, it could be a symptom of a serious tear, perhaps in the aorta, which would require immediate attention, as in right now! It could also be a sign that you’re suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, especially if it’s in the area between the shoulders, which will also require quick attention.


Unbearable Abdominal Pain

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Again, abdominal pain is not unusual. All it takes is a bad crab at lunch to create a flurry of cramps in your stomach area, or a simple bug to leave you doubled over in pain. However, if you experience sudden, agonizing abdominal pain with no obvious cause, it could be something more serious. Gallbladder attacks, appendicitis, ulcers ready to burst – these can all present themselves as intense abdominal pains, and they all require fast action if you don’t want to become very seriously ill.


Calf Pain and Swelling


Cramps in the calf area re common, especially for those of you who like to keep fit, and generally they aren’t anything that you need to be particularly concerned about. However, if the pain has no obvious cause, it’s persistent, and your calves start to swell, it may be that you are suffering from Deep Vein Thrombosis. This is a condition that can take your life if it isn’t treated swiftly because it can cause clots to travel to your heart where they do an untold amount of damage. So, if there’s pain, your skin is swollen, warm and red, don’t wait to visit the emergency room.


DVT is particularly common amongst people who have flown long haul recently, so if that applies to you, please do not ignore the pain in your legs.


Unexplained Pains that are hard to Pin Down


These are the kinds of pains that we’re all most likely to ignore – those vague, unexplained pains that come and go or which seem to crop up in several areas of the body – you can feel them, but they aren’t exactly as horrible as a migraine or as sharp as the pain that you get when you have gallbladder problems. However, they should not be ignored because they could be a subtle indicator of an underlying problem such as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome or diabetes, which will need to be investigated further if you are to live your life as optimally healthily as possible.


The Bottom Line


Pain is not unusual, but if the pain you’re experiencing is new to you and it is more strange or intense than you are used to, then it quite simply must be investigated. If your doctor doesn’t take the pain you feel seriously, then don’t just brush it off – especially if it is one of the pains mentioned above – because to do so  could leave you in a much worse situation than you might be if you’re able to catch and identify the source of your pain right now. The longer you live with pain, the more likely it is to develop into something worse and wear you down, so don’t give it the chance!

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