How To Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

How To Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

Have you been around a friends new house and left feeling jealous of how modern and smart it is? Don’t worry, we all feel this way from time to time, but there are steps you can take. Below, I’ve listed a few ideas for things you can buy to turn your house into a smart home.



A Smart Thermostat

These things are all the rage these days and can make any room in your house a little bit smarter. With a smart thermostat, you have a device hooked up to your central heating that allows you to monitor your usage as it happens. This is already pretty smart, but couple this with the fact that you can control temperature settings from an app on your phone or mobile device. Potentially, you could be out of the house and use your phone to turn on the heating, so you arrive in a nice warm house instead of one that’s stone cold. A really smart feature if you want a truly smart house.


A Smarter Garage Door

Are you sick of driving up to your garage, getting out of your car, opening the door, waiting for it to open, then driving inside only to park up and close the door manually? Well, you can make your garage a lot smarter with a new garage door. There are loads of companies out there like Above & Beyond Garage Doors who offer doors that can be opened via your smartphone. This means you press a button on your phone, and the door will open for you. It makes your life just that little bit more convenient, while also making your home a lot smarter too.


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These days there are companies like Apple that are releasing things known as Smart Home Systems. Apple’s version is the Apple Homekit, and the aim is to sync up your Apple devices with other tech in your home. You buy smart speakers, lights, TV’s that can all connect to a smart home system and be controlled by your phone or with your voice. Essentially, if you have an iPhone and a set of lights that are built for Apple Homekit, you can use the microphone on your phone to turn your lights on! It’s super smart, super cool, and smart home systems are undoubtedly the future.


I decided to include kitchen gadgets as a whole in one point here. The truth is, there are so many different bits of kitchen tech you can buy to make your house smarter. This includes cookers that know the exact temperature to cook your meat for, fridges with built-in cameras, and scales that measure things to perfection. Any of these things will make your kitchen, and your home, a lot smarter.


Clearly, there are loads of cool things you can get your hands on to turn your house into a smart home. So, if you’re getting a little tired of your house and want to reinvigorate it, then consider any of these ideas.

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