How To Make Your Modern Home Feel More Rustic

How To Make Your Modern Home Feel More Rustic

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Want to bring more rustic character to your modern property? There are plenty of ways to bring that country house feel to your home. Here are just a few décor tricks to make your home feel more rustic.


Opt for wooden floors


Wooden floors are essential for bringing that rustic farmhouse feel. You may be able to strip away the carpet and reveal the floorboards beneath or you pay someone to lay down some new solid hardwood flooring. Alternatively, you can opt for click-lock wood flooring, which simply slots in place over the top of your existing floor. There are lots of stained and lacquered hardwoods out there that can bring a more earthy touch.


Use stone countertops


Modern plastic countertops are likely to take away from your home’s rustic feel. Choose a stone material instead to bring a more natural feel to your home. Stones such as quartz and granite are ideal for bringing this feel, but are very costly. A more affordable option could be ceramic tile or an imitation stone such as Carrara marble (far cheaper than real marble). Try and find a stone individually suited to your home.


Have an exposed interior brick wall


For a cosy feature wall in your living room or kitchen, why not consider stripping back the plaster and having some exposed brickwork? You’ll want to thoroughly clean the wall and then seal it, this will make it easier to clean and protect it from moisture damage. Painting the wall could take away from its rustic appearance unless you use a whitewashed effect.


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Use DIY storage solutions


A feature common in rustic homes is DIY storage solutions. Mason jars can be great for storing utensils in the kitchen and toothbrushes in the bathroom. Wicker baskets meanwhile can be great for living room clutter such as magazines and DVDs.


Tone down your tech


Our modern homes are filled with digital technology, but this can quickly take away from your home’s rustic feel. A great way to tone down tech is to contrast it with more earthy features. A TV can be placed on a rustic wooden TV stand or hung on an exposed brick wall with a painting opposite. This stop this piece of modern tech being such a focal point. For other gadgets, consider wood paneled examples. For example, wood paneled speakers can be great for bringing a earthier feel.


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Use bare bulbs


Edison-style light bulbs can be a nice rustic way of providing artificial overhead lighting. Use multiple bulbs to help increase the amount of light that these give off. These can be hung from a wire or even wrapped around a wooden plank. Candles can also be a great way of providing rustic lighting.


Lay down a fur rug


To top off the rustic feel, consider adding a shaggy fur rug to your living room. These are great for sinking one’s toes into and providing a cosy feel in the evening. This could be a natural thick wool or a synthetic imitation material.

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