The top 10 foods that will improve your eyesight

By Guest Blogger, Bob O.

The top 10 foods that will improve your eyesight

Millions of people worldwide suffer from eyes infections such as cataracts and other age-related eye diseases. The diseases are mostly brought about due to eye inflammation as well as oxidation.


However, over the years, many studies on eye health show that chronic eye diseases can be reduced by foods rich in nutrients zeaxanthin and lutein – and these nutrients can similarly improve your current eye sight.


Other related research has shown that foods rich in Vitamins C, E and zinc are also good in preventing eye diseases caused by old age and can enhance your current eye health for better vision, not only throughout your life, but in the day to day!


We’ve collaborated with Simon Donne Opticians, eye care specialists in Bedford in the UK, to create a list of the top 10 foods that will improve your eyesight the most, so try and incorporate these into your diet for healthy eyes – now and always!


1. Spinach

Spinach contains zeaxanthin and lutein that reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration development. Lutein offers protection to the eye by creating some pigments that prevent eye damages caused by harmful UV light from the sun. If the eye contains more pigments, they are less likely to get damaged and can therefore prolong good eyesight and, even reverse some prior pigment damage.


2. Carrots

Carrots contain Vitamin A, and this absorbs light energy from the eyes as well as giving light adjustment during the night (yes, the age-old idea of carrots helping you see in the dark does have some factual basis!). To break down the thick cell wall of the carrot, cook with or eat them with a little olive oil so as to ease the absorption of nutrients into the body.


3. Dark berries

These contain anthocyanins that prevent blindness caused by cataracts and macular degeneration. They offer good night vision. The dark berries also strengthen the blood capillaries to enable them to efficiently transport blood and nutrients to the eyes.


4. Oranges

Oranges are renowned for being rich in Vitamin C, a vitamin that prevents the risks of cataracts development to keep your eyes healthy and strong.


5. Fish

Fresh oily fish such as tuna, salmon, trout and mackerel contain docosahexaenoic acid that is present in the retina. If the level of the acid is low, it causes dryness in the eye. The Omega 3 found in the oily fish leads to the reduction of inflammation that causes eye dryness. Keeping your eyes moist will help improve your eyesight, keeping them fresh and healthy.

Two servings of oily fish a week are good enough for maintenance of good eyesight.


6. Almonds

Almonds contain Vitamin E that protects the eye from oxidation and radical damage. This prevents damage and development of cataracts caused by UV light from the sun.


7. Beef

Red beef contains zinc that helps in the releasing of Vitamin A from the liver. The vitamin is then used in tissues in the eyes to improve eyesight.


8. Corn

Corn is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin that protect the eye from cataracts. The lutein and zeaxanthin increases if the corn is cooked for a longer period.


9. Broccoli

This common vegetable contains a huge amount of Vitamin C as well as beta-carotene, both which boosts eyesight. It is also rich in lutein and zeaxanthin – certainly an eye health superfood!


10. Eggs

Apart from proteins which aid healthy eyesight, eggs are also rich in lutein, Omega 3 and Vitamin E alongside other nutrients and vitamins that boosts eyesight as well as preventing the risk of eye infections.

We hope you found this article useful, and do let us know your eye-healthy recipes so that we can share more exciting eyesight tips to you and other readers!

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