Where Should You Invest Your Money?

Where Should You Invest Your Money?

Many people see investing as a form of high-stakes gambling. Whilst some investors do lose all their money, it’s often the result of choosing riskier things to invest in or simply not doing enough homework. Some investments can be much more secure and are perfect for first-timers. They still require doing a lot research, however with this research you’ll be much more likely to make a return. Here are several popular investments that are most likely to make you a profit.


Gold will always be valuable and whilst it has been known to fluctuate in price it always returns to a steady increase in value eventually. There are many gold dealers such as Royal Mint from which you can buy gold. You can then hang onto the gold for a few years and let it rise in value before selling it for a profit. Selling gold can be the hard part, so do your research in order to find the highest bidder.

Green technology

In years gone by, everyone invested in oil. As laws come in to reduce fossil fuel usage, investors are now turning their attention to sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. Investing in a green technology such as solar panels or wind farms could make you a return. If you’re not keen on shares, you can even buy solar panels for your home and save money in the future on bills.

Foreign Currency

Currency rates are always changing. By doing your research, you may be able to find a currency that is on the rise and worth investing in. Forex brokers such as Axitrader can help advise you on the best cash to convert with the lowest transaction fee.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance companies such as Health Insurance Innovations could be worth taking out shares in. These companies have been showing a steady profit over the years. Not all medical insurance companies are seeing such rises, so take time to compare them all first.


Property has long been the investment of choice. One option is to buy a property and rent it out to tenants for a profit. You may wish to hire a property manager or go through an agency so that you always have tenants in the property and so that your rent is always getting paid. Another option could be to buy a property and renovate it so that it’s worth more value. It’s possible to do this with your own home – just make sure that you don’t spend more money remodeling your home than the value that you’re likely to get out of it.

Lending sites

For investors with only a small amount of money to play with, lending sites such as Lending Crowd are one of the best options. These sites allow you to lend any amount of money you want to any kind of cause. Like a loan, the person borrowing your money will pay you back with interest on top. This interest then serves as a profit. The more you lend, the bigger this interest will be.

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