Moving Into Your First Apartment? The Guide For Millennials

Moving Into Your First Apartment? The Guide For Millennials

At some stage of our lives, we all have to fly the nest and spread our wings in our own place. While it may be comfortable and cheap to live with mum and dad, we do need to start standing on our own two feet at some point. Which means that for many of us, we need to start making some very big life decisions. This could mean managing your finances a little better and be making some important decisions about how you spend your money. It might mean taking more interest in the long-term of your career and what the future might hold for you. Or simply it could mean that you start to live on your own.

There are many stages of our lives that this sort of change could start to dominate. You may be on your way to study at a university where you live in a different town or part of the country. You may have been promoted with work and your career so re-location could be on the cards. Or perhaps you feel that the time is right to live on your own and be independent. Whatever has brought you to this decision, apartment living could be the answer. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the steps you can take to moving into your first apartment.

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Don’t neglect the boring stuff

Signing a lease or getting a mortgage proposal are two of the things we can all be eager to rush into, depending on what you want to do. But it is important to make sure you do some life admin before taking such a big step. This helps you to avoid any issues in the future in regards to debt, finances or your lifestyle.

Have enough money to do it

It may be something you are desperate to do, but before taking that big leap of faith, you need to take a step back and really ensure you have enough money to do it. What are your current outgoings like? Can you afford the extra expenditure? What about the state of your savings? Do you even have any? All of these things are important to consider as renting or buying a place is a big financial responsibility.

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Finding the right place

Once you have really sweated over the financials and the logistics side of things, now can come part of the fun. Deciding and finding the right place to settle and put down your own roots.

The location

First up, look into the location of where you may want to live. You need to consider a few different things before settling on the right place. Start off with considering your commute to your workplace. Are there any decent public transport links? Can you make it into work in good time? Then you may want to think about how you spend your spare time. Do you like heading into your local town for nights out? Are bars and restaurants and a social scene important to you? Working all of this out will help you to determine the very best location to spend your days.

The style of property

One of the things you need to consider is the type of property you want to be living in. Apartments come in many different shapes, sizes and styles. You could be finding a shophouse for rent or looking buy an apartment in a big tall building. It will all depend on where you look to buy or rent, the location, and the type of properties that are readily available to you. The style of property can be determined by your budget. You may not be able to afford a penthouse with dramatic views, but perhaps something similar a little further out will fit in the budget. Try and be open-minded and look at all sorts of options.


Whether to rent or whether to buy?

One of the biggest decisions you might want to make is to whether you rent or buy. Of course, your budget may be determining the answer to this dilemma already but here’s what to think about. Firstly, you may want to think about a trial basis for a certain location and type of place, which means renting could be the ideal opportunity. You may want to think about trying it out in regards to the expenditure, and leasing for a short-term could give you the taste of independent living you crave. If in doubt, speak to a financial advisor who can advise how your financial situation could be affected or what you may be able to afford.

How are you planning on furnishing the apartment?

You need to be considering exactly how you plan on furnishing the apartment. There are plenty of options that you could be considering. What you have to remember is that you don’t need to be investing in expensive or state of the art things. Start off with the basics. A chair or sofa to sit on, a bed and some storage for clothing. The essential kitchen items you need such as a kettle and toaster. Then all the smaller items that get you by such as plates, cups, glasses and cutlery will need to be bought and paid for.

Furnished or unfurnished?

However, you might want to think about whether you choose an unfurnished or furnished apartment. This tends to be a choice if you are deciding to choose a rental option, and could save you a fortune of outgoings for your first place. Furnished properties vary in regards to what they have in them. You may find that some are fully kitted out with everything you could possibly need, but bare in mind you could be paying for the privilege in your monthly rent. Others are more basic with just offering the larger and more expensive purchases you would have to make. Which ever you decide, make sure you think about what option would be best for your right now. Renting especially may not be your long-term position with a property. But the things you own and put in the place, are yours to keep.


The type of furniture you may need to think about

When you first start looking, and you find a suitable place that isn’t furnished, now comes the time to consider furnishing it with furniture. You don’t need to be going out and buying expensive things, especially as your first place. Things like beds and sofas are investment pieces so you will need to build up to it and buy things as and when you can afford them. You could be really frugal and choose to look in charity shops or online on websites like eBay. Buying second-hand furniture could be a great way to save money on what can already be an expensive move.

What other things do you need to think about?

Finally, you need to start thinking about the other expenses you will have to protect not only yourself but also your property. For example, when you rent a property the building isn’t necessarily your responsibility, so people think that insurance isn’t relevant, but you still need to think about your contents and items. Other things to think about would be to be a little more savvy with your outgoings. Meal planning and filling up the fridge rather than eating out or take a-ways could be the way forward once you are in your own place. It may save you a hefty amount each week.

I hope these steps help you when moving into your first apartment.

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