Everything You Need To Know About Calcium

Everything You Need To Know About Calcium


For most of us, taking daily vitamin and mineral supplements is part of a healthy lifestyle. There are even some people who need to do this rather than chose to as they might be suffering from a deficiency.

One of the most popular supplements is calcium. This healthy mineral is found in high levels in our bones and teeth, and, therefore, many people think it is critical for helping us keep these body parts in top health. And that is totally true, but there is also so much more you need to know about this mineral. Read on for my ultimate guide to calcium!

What Else Is Calcium Good For?

I’ve already mentioned that calcium is necessary for bone and teeth health. But that isn’t where its benefits end. It can help the body prevent bone diseases like osteoporosis, but it has also been linked to easing the menopause for middle-aged women. It can also help the body to absorb some other important vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin D.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with most medication, supplements can come with side effects. Thankfully, the side effects that people experience after taking daily supplements aren’t often as bad as those that come with stronger medicines. Thankfully, common calcium side effects are quite easy to overcome. Some people feel nauseous after taking their supplement, but this will soon pass. If you experience bloating or constipation, then there are medicines that can soothe these. However, if you experience strong side effects after taking calcium, you should see your doctor about them as soon as possible.


What Are The Best Natural Sources Of Calcium?

Ask anyone what the best source of calcium is, and they will tell you dairy products. But that isn’t the only place you can get it from. In fact, you might be better off trying to get most of your calcium from leafy greens, seeds, and beans. Compared to dairy products, these greens often have much higher levels of the mineral. There are lots of other sources too, including figs, hazelnuts, and tofu.

Should You Take A Supplement?

As there are many different sources of calcium that are easy to incorporate into our diets, some people think that they will get enough of the mineral without needing to rely on supplements. But that isn’t always the case. It is incredibly important that young adults under the age of 25 get their full recommended daily allowance as their bones are still growing. So, taking a supplement can help alongside a healthy diet. Elderly people who are at risk of osteoporosis will also be much better off when they take a regular supplement. However, as with any supplement, it is a good idea to double check with your doctor before you start to take one.

Hopefully, this quick guide has really helped to improve your overall knowledge of calcium. We all need it, so it really is worth trying to source plenty in your diet. Don’t worry if you have trouble doing that – there are plenty of great supplements out there.

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