How Exercise Influences Skin Health

By Guest Blogger, Matjaž

How Exercise Influences Skin Health

Everybody by now knows how exercise is extremely important for your heart health, improving bone mineral density, lung health, improving body composition and even lowering stress.


However, the topic of skin health in relationship to exercise is not often mentioned.

And that’s a shame as it should be. Exercise does have a very important influence on skin health.

Rezultat iskanja slik za exercise and skin health


In a systematic review and meta-analysis on exercise training intervention in relationship to cutaneous microvascular reactivity Lanting et al (2017) with seven different trials included found out a clear benefit of exercise training on improving skin health.

This makes sense as exercise improves blood flow to the body and skin is no exception to that.

Increased blood flow means more nutrients and oxygen will be delivered to your skin. But not only that. At the same time, more waste products are transported out of your skin cells.

Exercise in a way provides a natural and cost-effective way of cleaning and nourishing your skin cells at the same time.

Rezultat iskanja slik za exercise and skin health


Another mechanism by which exercise improves skin health is by its effects on reducing stress and anxiety.

The exact link between how reduced stress improves skin health is still under investigation, however, so far it’s safe to say that exercise has an important role in improving skin health through reduced stress.



As far as which type of exercise is best to achieve the best results of improving skin health it’s most probably aerobic types of exercises such as walking, jogging, hiking, cycling etc.

And as for the intensity of the exercise, light to moderate intensity has been shown to be best for lowering anxiety and stress levels in our body so it’s probably best to stick with this type of intensity if improving skin health is in your best interest.

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The last thing we have to take into consideration in regards to working out and skin health is, of course, the environment where we exercise.

When you train outside, especially during peak sun hours and especially during the summer you have to protect your skin from sun burns at all cost.

Sunburn damages your skin in a major way so be sure keep your training hours outside peak sun hours and be sure to apply sun screen whenever necessary.


As you can clearly see exercise has a very important role in keeping your skin healthy mainly through improved blood flow and reducing stress and anxiety levels in our body.

Exercise is thus a very effective and more cost-effective way of improving skin health in comparison to other body creams, supplements or any other skin health products.

When exercising the best types of exercises for lowering stress are lower to moderate intensity aerobic types of exercises.

Also, be sure to protect your skin from excessive sun exposure when exercising.

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