6 Great Tips for Team-Building Adventures

By Guest Blogger Marie N,

6 Great Tips for Team-Building Adventures


Does your team look like they need a bit morale-boosting and some more pep in their step? Then it sure sounds like they need a good team-building adventure. Here’s how to organize a team outing that’s useful, but also much more fun than boring old trust falls.

Best team-building happens in summer

Summer should be the obvious choice for your team-building event. During that time of the year, productivity is at its lowest: studies show that it can drop as much as 20 percent during summer! So, holding a summertime team-building event is the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate employees and get them excited about the rest of the year.

Feed a crowd

No matter what kind of event you plan, there has to be some food on the table. Team-building events can be mentally and physically demanding, so keep your team in top shape with a full spread of catered treats throughout the day. Don’t forget to include drinks such as water bottles, coffee or tea, and other snacks such as fresh fruit, trail mixes or cheese platters. Depending on the time frame of your event, plan to include breakfast, lunch, or dinner as needed.

Incorporate play with a purpose

Although your team-building event should mainly be an occasion for your employees to socialize, there should also be some fun games that have a deeper meaning. Good team-building activities are great for improving morale and leadership skills, but they should also have other benefits. Choose games that exercise creativity, amplify a team’s ability to problem-solve and work together, promote organizational productivity, identify staff-wide strengths and weaknesses and enhance everyday processes and procedures.

Make it a whole day event

If you really want to take advantage of the outdoors and beautiful sunny days, then take your team somewhere for a day filled with adventure. So, rent a bus, and head out to your nearest river or lake for some paddling fun.  Everyone can meet at a designated spot, but since the trip is usually half the adventure, look into charter bus rental services, and hire one to take you to your destination as a group. Public rivers and lakes usually have some sort of kayak or canoe houses where you can rent all the boats and gear required. Also, while there are kayaks for one person, encourage people to choose multi-person ones and pair up with people they don’t usually work with. Spending a day on the water will lift everyone’s spirits and get them ready for the next work week.

Or just an evening of brain-teasing

Don’t have time or funds to organize a whole-day outing? No problem, there are great activities that can be done in just a couple of hours. For instance, room escape games require leadership skills, teamwork, patience and most of all, logic. Your team will be “locked” in a room for one hour, and during that hour they have to solve various puzzles, find hidden objects and connect clues to locate the key or a code that will set them free. After the game is over, you can all go get drinks and celebrate your successes and forget your fails.

Or just blow off some steam

Forget about leadership, problem-solving and teamwork, and simply take your employees to a trampoline park for some jumping fun and a chance to work off the day’s stress. Many cities have local places with trampoline activities such as trampoline dodgeball or extreme basketball for those who appreciate a little adrenaline. Jumping is a great way to return to childhood and just forget about all the work problems and stress.

Now you’re ready to show your team a great time while increasing their morale and creating a great company atmosphere. And after the day is over, you’ll probably become the “cool boss” everyone looks up to.

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