Tips on First-Time False Eyelashes

Tips on First-Time False Eyelashes

Everyone seems to rave about their eyelashes these days. If you were born with a set long and full, maybe all you need is a good mascara. But others are suffering from the barely there, but not brave enough to try the false lashes yet.

I personally never tired false lashes until recently. I was a ball of nerves after watching endless tutorials of women and makeup artists that have been doing since the first season of the Kardashin’s. But I curbed my fear, and gave it a go.

I’ve got two things to say

Don’t be scared.

You won’t be a pro… That takes time.


But, you will get great results if you follow these basic tips

First, I purchased my lashes from Motives size #112

You’ll need white or black adhesive to place the lash. The white color dries clear, yet the black glue looks more natural on most lashes.

Remove the lashes from the case and measure them first, to make sure they fit the eye. If they are too long, trim from the outside.

I then applied Motives Liquid Eyeliner and a light coat of Motives Mascara

While that dried, I grabbed the smooth adhesive.

Putting a large dap of glue on the back of my hand, I used the handle side of my tweezers to paint the glue onto the eyelash. The adrenaline will drive you to want to put the lash on immediately, but don’t! Wait about 20-30 seconds. Once the adhesive is tacky, they are ready to be placed.


Aim for the center above the lash line, then move outwards and inwards to the corners of the eye. Press the lashes into your real lashes with either your finger tips or tweezers. I prefer the tweezers.

After the lashes are in place, you may need to reapply the liquid eyeliner to clean up the finished look.

My first rodeo wasn’t Hollywood perfect, but I was happy with the results and received many complements on my appearance.

Oh, and don’t worry about removing false eyelashes. Using a water-wet paper towel or makeup pad, hold it on the eye for several seconds and the lash will wipe away.

Good Luck! You got this!

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