What To Do When You Want Her To Feel Special

What To Do When You Want Her To Feel Special

An important tip for the guys out there: whoever your lady is, she wants to feel special. In fact, everyone, in one way or another, wants to feel special. It’s all about finding out the differences in what makes them feel that way. Between guys and girls, there are similarities, but there are also common traits they share that they might not understand about one another. So, what can you do that’s certain to make her feel special, loved, and lucky to have you?


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Dress to impress

Men tend to be more visual creatures than women but that doesn’t mean that women don’t pay attention to how a man looks. They see the underlying value of that appearance as well as the appearance itself. If you take care of your grooming, if you accessorize your clothes, and put some effort in, she will see that. She’ll like that you’re putting the effort into how you appear when you go out with her. But she will also appreciate the fact that you’re publicly appearing as you are. Humans are very social creatures after all, and women prove to usually be a bit more adept at reading a social scene better than a man. They will appreciate being with someone who isn’t embarrassing to be seen with.

Appreciation and acknowledgment

Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen does not work in a relationship. Yes, there’s a certain excitement to dates with tension. But that tension doesn’t work for a long time. You don’t have to agree with her on absolutely everything and trying to do so will just appear desperate. But when she accomplishes something, when she looks good, when she smells good, show you appreciate it. Make her feel good for the things that she does. Don’t feel like withholding praise is only going to make her more desperate to get it. That’s a short-sighted tactic that just makes you look like a bit of a jerk at the end of it.


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Make your mark

Women love gifts. In fact, everyone loves gifts. But there’s a certain kind of gift that is destined to have the impact of really making her feel special. It’s when you get her something that she can display and wear as a sign of your relationship. Now, you should be careful when it comes to getting her gifts that she can wear. There are a lot of missteps to go when picking out clothes, for instance. That’s why traditionally jewelry makes for a great go-to gift. So long as you don’t pick something too scarce or too garish and you know her size, a 3 carat diamond ring speaks volumes to how much you value her. If she’s into you, she’ll be proud to wear it on her finger afterward. That can also serve as a sign of how much she appreciates that you value her.

Little touches

Now, this doesn’t mean you should take free reign to start feeling however you like. When you’re spending time with her in a casual setting, such as a date, then keep touches appropriate. However, little touches like on her wrist, her elbow, or brushing her hair back can work wonders. You have to make sure she’s comfortable with it, of course. Test the waters to see how she reacts. A lot of women love little touches because of the tactile bond that builds. But it also makes them feel desirable. It shows that you want to touch them, which is just as important as the touch itself. It’s a classy way to show you want them.


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Remember what she says

This shouldn’t really be a tip, but it’s a very consistent complaint by women that guys they date tend to be pretty bad at remembering what they might consider important details. For instance, what she likes, what she dislikes, and what her values are. Pay attention to her when she talks. But not only her. If she’s introducing you to friends and family, it’s because she wants to welcome you into her life. If you then go on to forget the names of every single person she introduces you to, it doesn’t just reflect on how you consider those people. It reflects on how you consider anyone close to her and, in response, her.

No-one wants to be in a relationship where they don’t feel valued or that the details of their life aren’t that important to their partner. If you want to keep her sweet, then make her feel special. If you’re lucky, she’ll make you feel the same way.

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