What Is Your Face Trying To Tell You?

What Is Your Face Trying To Tell You?


We always notice any changes to our face straight away. After all, it’s the part of our body that we instantly see in the mirror! As the skin on the face is particularly sensitive, there can often be changes to the pigmentation, and new blemishes may appear. But are they something you should be worrying about? You just need to understand what your face is trying to tell you, and then you will know whether you need to book an appointment with a doctor…

Puffy Cheeks And Jowls

If you notice that your cheeks and jowls seem a lot puffier than normal, it’s a potential sign that you have been including too much gluten in your diet. So, you can reverse these symptoms by cutting down on things like white bread, pasta, and pastry. However, it might take a couple of weeks for the puffiness to totally go away. If you need an instant remedy, you should apply some rosehip seed oil to the skin as this has been proven to calm down any inflation.


Constant Cold Sores

Do you always suffer from cold sores? These are small blister-like irritations that occur along the lips. You will normally experience a burning or itching sensation before the actual sore develops. The sores are caused by the herpes virus and will repeatedly appear if treatment doesn’t completely remove the virus. Are you asking yourself “can herpes be cured?” Lots of people wonder the same as there are lots of myths surrounding the virus. Thankfully, though, the virus is easily cured once you start taking the correct medication.

Drooping Face

If you ever notice that one side of your face is drooping down, you should call for an ambulance straight away. That’s because this is a sign that you are having a stroke. Usually, a drooping face appears alongside other symptoms, such as a difficulty to speak and blurred vision. But even if you only experience a drooping face, you should still seek medical help as sometimes the symptoms don’t manifest together. Plus, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Pale Patches On Your Skin

You should never ignore any pale patches that appear on your face. These are a sign that you are suffering from Vitiligo. This disease can affect the skin all over the body but, more often than not, it appears on the face, neck, and hands. Sometimes, it can also be found on the scalp. It is important you get checked out if you think you have Vitiligo as if it is left to develop it can increase your chance of developing diabetes and other serious conditions.

Puffy Eyes

Do you wake up every morning with very puffy eyes? Don’t worry; it just means you aren’t getting enough sleep! Try to go to bed an hour earlier, and you will find that you wake up feeling a lot more refreshed and with a lot less puffiness around the eyes!

So, next time your skin is trying to tell you something, you need to listen!

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