This Is The Summer To Change Your Life

This Is The Summer To Change Your Life

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I think it is safe to say that summer is well and truly on the way. Not only is it knocking on the door, it has got to the stage where it is now lifting up our letter box and poking its head through. Oh, yeah, we love summer. It just does something to our mood. It sort of energizes us. It gives us a thirst for life that winter has a knack of snatching away (curse you winter!). But why not use this revitalisation?

Seriously, why not harness the motivation it has given you and make this summer the summer of change, even if only small changes, the summer of self-love and happiness and betterment. Who knows, it could have a butterfly effect and trigger of something amazing.

Go For More Walks

The idea of stepping outside when it is cold and miserable is not anyone’s cup of tea, but don’t let that feeling hang on in there when summer comes about. Get up, get out and go for a walk, untangle your thoughts, keep yourself healthy and keep your body active. It’ll be one of the best things you do today.

Open The Windows

It could be that the weather is still on the iffy side of awesome, but that shouldn’t be enough to stop you pinging open those windows and letting a breath of fresh air creep in. Make your place feel fresh and amazing, and let that gorgeous fresh air lift you.

Become A Bit More Conscious

We don’t mean wake up more, or stop sleeping, or stop dreaming, we mean to become a bit more conscious about your impact on the environment. We slip into so many bad habits over the winter that we could do with learning some home energy saving tips. Nothing that is going to be too testing or change your culture of living, just some things that save the world and your money. Hello, new clothes.

Change Your Internet Habits

We all fall prey to the internet, to that endless distraction where we compare ourselves to the world of others. Well, stop. Or at least change. Instead of scrolling down newsfeeds, why not find some sites that you love, that make you happy and cry with laughter. Long Reads on twitter. Tumblr. Even a bit of Hype Machine for new music. The difference it could make is amazing.

The Habit Of Plans

Get into the habit of planning one thing every day. It could be big it could be tiny, it could be with a friend, it could be alone; the choice is yours. Just plan to do one thing every day and stick to that plan. If it leads onto another plan, why not roll with it. Life should be lived, and this is a great strategy for ensuring that happens.

Read More

In a world dominated by screens, allow yourself the luxury of reading, of getting to exercise that amazing imagination of yours. And do it without the chance of screen distractions creeping in by leaving your phone inside and heading outside to read. Could be the garden or the park or the beach. It could be a novella, a novel or a funny self-help book. It could be for fifteen minutes a day or an hour, whatever. Just go for it. Make that little change.

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