5 Summer Repair Jobs To Do Around Your House

5 Summer Repair Jobs To Do Around Your House

Summer is the time of year where we get to spend a lot of time outdoors without needing twenty layers of clothing! And if you’re a homeowner, it’s the perfect season to do an array of jobs around your property that you couldn’t easily do during winter.


Even if you live in a relatively new home, there will still be some maintenance tasks that you need to carry out. There may even be some repairs that you must complete due to storm damage, for instance.


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If you want to keep your home looking beautiful and well-maintained, it makes sense to allocate some of the summer getting those repair and maintenance tasks out of the way. Here are a few examples of jobs that you should do now that the summer season is upon us:


  1. Staining decking and fences


Each year, you should spend some time topping up the “stain” on your decking and wooden fence panels. Doing so makes sense for two reasons. Firstly, you help to reduce the risk of the wood rotting due to extreme weather conditions. And, secondly, it makes your decking and fence panels look brand new and well-maintained!


Whether you stain your decking and fence panels with a brush or spray gun is up to you. Just make sure that you don’t paint anything you shouldn’t, such as trees or even your neighbor’s garden ornaments!

  1. Roofing repairs


It’s vital that your roof is waterproof and in excellent condition. Failure to keep it maintained will result in water leaks and even structural damage that could be expensive to fix.


If you don’t want to do any roof repairs yourself, the good news is you can easily hire companies like Triumph Roofing to do the work for you. The other advantage is that you can spend your free time doing other jobs around the home.


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  1. Gutter cleaning


Do you have a family of birds making nests in your home’s guttering? Has a storm blocked the gutters and drains, causing water to spill out onto you when it rains? If the answer to either question is yes, it’s time to clean your gutters!


You can do this yourself using a vacuum cleaner with a telescopic arm and wireless camera if you don’t like climbing up ladders. Alternatively, providers like Ned Stevens can do the work for you at reasonable prices.


  1. Painting


One of the advantages of the warm summer weather is that it allows paint to dry quickly! You can use this as an opportunity to do any interior decorating without needing to keep a room empty for several days.


Just make sure that you cover any flooring and furniture over with plastic sheeting to protect them from accidental paint splatter!


  1. Air conditioner servicing


Although it makes sense to have your air conditioner serviced during winter, you could delay the work until the first signs of summer appear. Just bear in mind that if you get any air conditioning servicing done in the middle of summer, you’re more likely to pay higher seasonal rates due to the increased demand.

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