Turn Metal Into Gold With Smart Home Improvement Projects

Turn Metal Into Gold With Smart Home Improvement Projects

Most people don’t know how much stuff they own. But there is a consensus that we probably own too much stuff that irremediably turns into clutter. Indeed, the average US household owns over 300,000 items. Most of these are unused, untouched, or even broken. They are only cluttering your home. More importantly, with nearly half of American households being unable to save money, it becomes important to find ways of improving your home with targeting decluttering and recycling. 12% of the world population lives in North America and Western Europe, yet they account for 60% of global private consumption expenses. Over the half of the objects you don’t use in your home consists of a metal arrangement, from your cutlery to your old plumbing system. So wouldn’t it be nice to turn some of your metal clutter into a way of making you financially, emotionally, and creatively rich?

scrap_metal_pelicansScrap metal pelican sculptures, Brisbane River

Give Your Old Metal Bits A New Life

Just because an object is old and has been unused for a period of time, it doesn’t mean that it is good for the bin. Indeed, with a little bit of DIY savviness, you can give a new life to old favorites. For example, an old bed spring can be transformed into a trellis, using the wire frame to help climbing fruits and vegetables to grow. All you need is to prime the metal and to spray paint it. Don’t forget a sealing coat to protect it from rusting. There are many ways to repurpose your old items into something new and useful. All you need is a little imagination and the desire to craft a better world.

640px-boxspring-corner_shifmanOld bed springs

Sell Old Metal Pieces

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might find that there is nothing to do to save old metal scraps. From old water taps to the ancient electric copper system, it can be difficult to find a new purpose to these, unless you are inhabited by a creative spirit – if this is the case, please refer to the next paragraph. Before you consider binning your old metal pots and other items, check with professional scrap places that can offer scrap metal prices per pound. More importantly, they can find a new way of using your old metal, so it’s worthy exchange not only for your budget but also for the planet.

Metal Scrap Industry Brass Iron Waste Steel
Metal Scrap Industry Brass Iron Waste Steel

Collection of scrap brass and iron

How About Metal Art?

Metal art is not a new concept, and more and more crafters have embraced the idea of creating jewelry, sculptures, and other decorative items by recycling metal. If you enjoy the world of crafting, you will love making your own jewelry out of unused metal, such as making a bracelet with cans of soda or small bolts. For the most confident crafters, you can take inspiration from metal stick men sculptures to make your own reclaimed metal creation. Remember to use a sealing coat to protect your masterpiece from rust. Embracing your creative side may seem like a bold move, but you will soon love the decorative versatility of your old metal clutter!

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