These Home Upgrades Benefit You Both Now and In The Future!

These Home Upgrades Benefit You Both Now and In The Future!

The great thing about owning property is any money you invest into it, you generally get back (plus more) if you sell in the future. Whether a house move is on the horizon or you don’t plan on going anywhere for a while, there are certain upgrades that are worth doing. These allow you to enjoy and get the most out of your home in the here and now, and are something that homebuyers will love in future too. Here’s how you can go about it!

Think About Curb Appeal

The way your home looks from the outside is so important. After all, do you really want to arrive home every day to a property that looks shabby and unloved? This will be the first thing homebuyers see when they look at your home, but for as long as you live there it’s something you will see every day too. So create a finish that you’re proud of and happy to come home to! Think about having it repainted or the rendering repaired if it needs it. Repaint your garage door, front fence and front door if they’re looking worse for wear. Tidy up the front garden and driveway. It will look far nicer, which is something both you and buyers in the future will appreciate.


Kit Out Your Kitchen

The kitchen is possibly the most important space to get right when you’re selling a home. It can be a total deal breaker, and if your buyers are undecided between two properties, you can bet that they’ll go for the one with the better kitchen. It’s such a well used space- the heart of the home. A beautiful and practical kitchen will not only benefit you in the here and now, but is something homebuyers will love if you sell later down the line. Choose a kitchen that will suit most tastes and don’t go for anything too trendy which will date faster. Solid wood or white units with marble or granite tops will always be in style. If you want to make the kitchen look more personal, do it with things like drawer pulls, wall hangings and other accessories that are easy to change. That way it will appeal to as many buyers as possible if you put it on the market. Kitchens with built in appliances look super sleek. You could go with a gorgeous island and an American style fridge freezer, complete with ice machine and water dispenser. A company such as Nashville Plumbing would be able to plumb all of this in, make sure you get these things done before having floors and other finishes completed. That way you’re not having to pull up and re-lay tiles or ruin the finish of things. LED strip lights are another cool feature and look fantastic underneath cupboards and kick boards.

Make Your Bathroom Into a Spa- Like Sanctuary

Another crucial space to get right in the home is the bathroom. Having it professionally tiled from top to toe is by far your best bet. It will last longer than having to constantly repaint and look smart year after year. You might need to scrape and re-grout between the tiles every few years to keep it looking fresh, but once the expense of the tiling is paid for it’s not something you’ll need to bother with again for a long time. Again, don’t choose very modern looking or trendy tiles because these will look frumpy and old fashioned when trends change (which they will). Don’t choose anything too out there, while you might love it future home buyers probably won’t. Using white or natural stone tiles on the walls again will never go out of fashion. For floors, some gorgeous slate or grey limestone floor tiles will finish the look. Unlike vinyl which can peel, wood which can warp and carpet (which should never be used in bathrooms!) properly fitted floor tiles won’t get ruined from wet feet. If you wanted to go a step further, you could even have underfloor heating installed first. Choose a white suite for your bathroom as again, a coloured choice won’t appeal to everyone. And consider splashing out (pun intended) on things like nice taps, and a heated towel rail which will bring an even more luxe finish to the space.

Install Wooden Floors Throughout

The problem with carpets is they wear out. If you invest even in excellent carpets now, in a few years, they will probably need replacing. They can stain, fade in the sun and hold onto smells which aren’t pleasant for a new owner. However wooden floors stay looking beautiful for a long time. Solid wood can be sanded and re-stained many times, allowing you to get up to twenty-five years of stunning flooring. A great investment for the future and the perfect way to transform your home to enjoy now too.


Plant a Gorgeous Garden

One thing homebuyers love is pretty gardens with well-established plants. Getting some shrubs and even trees planted up is a good idea for both now and the future. You could choose pretty flowering or fruit trees, or go with large fast growing varieties if you need to create a privacy screen. If you plant bulbs in your flowerbeds that bloom at different times of the year, your garden will always be pretty and colourful with no additional hassle to you. A lovely garden to relax in is one of life’s little joys, if you’re not currently making the most out of yours, then you should consider sprucing it up. Decking looks smart and adds considerable value to homes if you want a maintenance free deck choose composite. This is wood fibres, and plastic blended so lasts pretty much forever without rotting or the need to sand or oil it like regular decking. Add a seating area to entertain family and friends, you could even consider a pond and water feature too. If your garden is in a bad way, you might need to get professional landscapers in. Otherwise, you could do it yourself with the help of online tutorials and sites like Pinterest for inspiration.


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