The Home Space Special

The Home Space Special

Space in a home can be a luxury not many can afford. As you age you accrue all kinds of different items that you want to keep, but the space to store them becomes hard to find. The same is true as you have children. They grow, and collect items they want to keep too. The more this happens, the less space there is in your home, meaning things can become cramped quickly. There are ways to get around this, and ways to increase the space in varying rooms across your house. You may have already considered some of these, but others can give you the inspiration you need to make the most of the space you have.

The Bathroom

You may not store too many things in here, but if you had more space you could use a linen cupboard to store towels and sheets, meaning you can store other items in their older locations. One of the best ways to make space in the bathroom is by merging the bath and shower into one easily accessible shower bath. You can save a glut of space in other areas of the room. You could also consider removing the bath completely. Lots of people only use showers as they don’t have the time to use baths. Doing this gives you a huge amount of space that you can utilise as you see fit. You could build in cabinets or even just enjoy the extra space gained. You can answer many of your storage needs by using this method.



The issue in the kitchen comes with a multitude of appliances used and needed in this day and age. Sometimes you can’t fit them all in, especially if you don’t have an attached utility room in your place of residence. Trying to fit in a washing machine, tumble drier, oven, dishwasher, etc can be problematic. You can get around this by using an oven that is built into a cupboard. This means you have the floor space available to use another appliance. The only issue you need to consider is that building an oven into a cupboard means you can’t really use that specific cupboard as a storage unit, so you need to balance the appliances you’re using against the storage you need for food and such like.


These are where people store most of their personal possessions. They can become cramped quickly unless you take a proactive approach to storage management. Be clever and use all you can. When you buy a bed, make sure it isn’t touching the floor, meaning you can use under bed boxes to place items. Or, use a bed that comes complete with storage, meaning draws underneath the bed or a mattress you can lift with ease to get to the items underneath. You should also be looking to the walls. You can get storage boxes which you can access that don’t take up floor space. They are better than shelving as they are deeper, meaning you can store things like clothes.


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