Light It Up: Keep Your Home Looking Bright and Airy

Light It Up: Keep Your Home Looking Bright and Airy


Even if your home is perfectly decorated, without the right light levels, it can look dark, enclosed and drab. We might not all be lucky enough to have huge windows in our property, but we can still maximize the light we do have coming in. Here are a few ways you can go about it.

Use a Plain Light Wall Colour

Light colors will make your rooms look bigger and brighter, and darker or bolder colors will make it look more enclosed. Bold or busy pattern will also bring in the room. If you want to maximize space and keep a bright and airy look, your best bet is to turn your space into a blank canvas. Smooth, plain white walls work well. There’s no need to worry about it looking stark, the right accessories will dress the room, so it still looks homely and personal. It’s also useful for if you come to sell your home later down the line too. Plain white walls will appeal to just about everyone, and so you won’t need to completely redecorate your house to get the best price for it.


Replace The Windows and Doors

Bigger windows will of course mean more light coming in. You could also consider a skylight, adding sliding glass patio doors or even changing your front door to one with a large glass panel in it. You could get some quotes from local window companies if you’re considering replacing home windows. Newer models will be more energy efficient too, and less prone to condensation so it’s a win-win.

Use Large Mirrors

A large mirror in the room not only helps to accessorize and bring in personality but helps to make the most of the daylight too. A big statement mirror (ideally positioned opposite the window) will contribute to bouncing the light around and can make a dramatic difference. Mirrors can be used in just about any room and is an easy way to make any space look brighter.

Find The Right Curtains and Blinds

While thick curtains are great for keeping out drafts, and blackout blinds are good for keeping the room dark and shaded- if your room feels too dark and dingy you may need to consider changing what you have up at the window. To get the best of both worlds, how about a blackout roller blind, with a pair of thinner ‘dress curtains’ over the top? That way when you need the room dark, you can roll down. But for the rest of the time, have it rolled right the way to the top. Lighter curtains still make the window look complete but without blocking out too much precious light.

Add Lamps and Lights

Finally, adding additional light sources to your home for use in the evening helps to keep everywhere looking nice when it’s dark outside too. Along with your main overhead light, you need a couple of table lamps, in larger rooms, you could add a statement floor lamp too. LED strip lighting under cupboards and counters works well, you could even have some wall sconces fitted.


Do you have issues with the light levels in your home?

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