How To Save Money And Stay Gorgeous 

How To Save Money And Stay Gorgeous

Being beautiful is no easy business. Not only do you have to do your best to ignore those little tendrils of self doubt that tend to creep in every time you look at yourself in a mirror, but it can also be pretty darn expensive, especially if you have a skincare routine that takes more than three minutes a day. Luckily, there are some ways that you can stay gorgeous without totally breaking the bank…

Quit The Gym

Let’s face it, that gym membership isn’t doing anyone any good except for the gym itself. Not only is it a lot of money to hire a personal trainer if you have one, but the costs of being a gym member can be pretty extortionate too, especially if you don’t end up going as often as you intend to (and who does, really, in this busy world?). Instead, cancel your gym membership and start walking instead – get off the train a stop early in the morning and walk to work from there, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and go for a brisk walk when you get home from work in the evenings. You could even borrow a friend’s dog to do so! You could even invest in a home gym – it might seem expensive but it’ll be financially worth it in the long term.

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Go Vintage

Vintage fashion will never go out of style. Nineties clothes are particularly in at the moment, so rummage through your old clothes from when you were younger or make a trip to your local thrift store or maybe even eBay for some fashionable bargains. You can also use this promotional code if you want to get some bargains in your local stores. So long as you steer clear of the old nineties chunky highlights, you’ll look absolutely great.

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Eat Better

One way to lose weight, stay in shape and get glowing skin is to eat well. If you’re not quite sure how best to accomplish that, then start from scratch and buy more fresh food instead of convenience food. If you aren’t the world’s greatest cook, that’s totally okay – now is the time to start. If you tend to snack too much during the day, it could make your skin look less bright and fresh, so make sure that you eat a good healthy breakfast like granola, yogurt and berries to fill you up all morning.

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Sleep Well At Night

One of the best ways to both look and feel good is to get a decent night’s sleep. Of course, if you have young children then sleeping well probably seems out of the question, but if not, there are a few things you can do to help yourself sleep better if you’re having problems. Black out blinds will stop you waking up when the sun rises first thing in the morning, and making sure that you turn off all electronic devices like your phone, computer and TV an hour before you go to bed will ensure that they don’t disrupt your circadian rhythms, which can be hurt by too much blue light which electrical equipment can emit. A good night’s sleep will leave your skin fresh, taut and glowing.

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