Home Improvement Secrets No One Ever Tells You

Home Improvement Secrets No One Ever Tells You

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of blog posts and articles floating around that tell you how to improve your home. Whether you’re looking to sell it or you simply want to make it little more livable, then there’s plenty of advice out there for you. However a lot of the time it’s the same old advice over and over again. Clear out the clutter, rearrange the space, etc. This advice is incredibly helpful and can make a huge difference to the quality of your home. But these are far from the only things that you can do in order to improve your home. In fact, there are plenty of ways to improve your home that you might never have even thought about. With that in mind, here are just a few, slightly less obvious, home improvement secrets that you just might want to try.

Safety first

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It’s hardly the most glamorous thing in the world, but the safety of your home should always be your number one priority. As important as creating a pleasant environment in your home is, few people would say that they’d choose their home décor over their family’s safety! Make sure that your smoke and CO detectors are all working and that you test them regularly, keep an eye out for damp and mold, and get your appliances regularly checked to prevent gas leaks. If you’ve got something more significant that needs dealing with, such as an asbestos problem, then it’s probably a good idea to call in a company like www.Schemel-Tarrillion.com. Don’t assume that just because you’ve lived in your house for a long time that you shouldn’t still consider safety to be incredibly important, houses can change over time and something that might not really have been a problem a year ago might cause some serious danger now.

Think about the ceilings

This is something that you rarely hear people talk about for one simple reason. Ask yourself this, when was the last time you actually look at your ceiling? It makes sense that you wouldn’t really give it that much attention. After all, no one spends their time constantly looking up. The walls tend to be the major focus of most people’s attention as they are pretty much constantly at eye level and they’re the place where you can hang pictures and really give your home a sense of personality. But your ceiling can make a lot more difference to a room than you might think. Natural light is an incredibly important aspect of any interior design, and your ceiling can really make or break the feeling of natural light in a room. If it’s clean and bright, then it’s going to reflect plenty of sunlight bringing a fresh energy into the room. If it’s painted in a dark color or it hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, then it’s going to leave the room feeling dull, dark, and drab.

Go natural

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Just because you’re indoors, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring a touch of nature into your home. Flowers and plants are one of the best forms of decoration that you can have in your home for a bunch of different reasons. For one thing, they’re constantly changing so you can have a dynamic décor in your home, preventing it from ever becoming stale. Not only that but plants help naturally improve the air quality in any room, making life indoors just that little bit nicer. There are plenty of places in just about every room where you can put potted plants and, if you’re feeling creative, you could even try some hanging baskets attached to the walls.

Never underestimate lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things in a room that many people almost never notice. Oh, they notice the effect that it has alright, it’s just that they tend not to realize what it is that’s causing it. If you walk into a room that feels dingy and cramped, ask yourself, is it really because of the size of the room? If you take a second look you might find that the room is actually a decent size, the only difference is that it’s so poorly lit that the place feels that way. The same works in the opposite direction, even the smallest home can be made to feel spacious with clever use of lighting. Of course, natural light is always the best option so make sure that you’re allowing as much natural light any room as possible, but you should also look into using lamps around the room. That way you avoid the slightly clinical feeling that overhead lights sometimes cause, and you can easily control the light levels depending on the time of day or the kind of mood that you’re trying to set.

Replace your doors

Knob Key Door Knob Key Hole Door
Knob Key Door Knob Key Hole Door

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Once again this is a part of your house that you simply couldn’t ever do without and yet ignore all too often. Doors are often to plainly functional that people forget that they are as much a part of the house as anything else. People often miss out on the doors when they’re cleaning their home, leaving them to collect dust and grime over time. Not only that but there are even smaller details on your doors that can make a big difference to your home as a whole. There’s nothing stranger than a house with a singular, charming sense of décor and style and yet something as simple as the door knobs spoils it. Try to find knobs that fit with the overall aesthetic of your home, it’s a small touch, and you might think you wouldn’t notice, but the smallest details can often make the biggest difference.

Doing these things alone is obviously not going to turn your house into your dream home, but they will make a big difference when used along with the more usual advice. These little details are really designed to get you to look at your home just a little more closely and to think about what you might have previously missed.

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