Turning A New House From Husk To Home

Turning A New House From Husk To Home

A new home can be very stressful and exciting. But it can also be a bit disappointing when you first get in there. Things just aren’t right, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be. You just need to make sure you don’t miss any of the vital steps that get you feeling a lot more comfortable in your own home, not to mention using it right.

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Give it a good tidy

This should go without saying, but the truth is that a home that has been on the market for a while is going to have plenty of dust, not to mention anything the previous owners might have missed. It’s a good idea to get things tidied as best you can before you start moving stuff in, so you’re not tidying around a jungle of boxes.


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Ensure the essentials are in place

Making the home safely habitable comes first. You need to identify if it needs any of the crucial fixes, from taking care of pest control to ensuring that all the insulation is taken care of. Getting the utilities on and getting the most important appliances in comes next. Now’s the time to start listing any of the parts of the home that might need a bit of fixer-upping, as well. The list is important, giving you a good idea of where you are on the journey to getting the house home-ready, instead of working on task after task without knowing the end in sight.

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Don’t forget the outdoors

One of the mistakes a lot of homeowners will make is focusing solely on the indoors. But there are plenty of elements on the outside that could make you just as uncomfortable. If you’ve got an old battered garage, then you might want to consider sprucing it up with help from places like PJ Garage Doors. An untidy garden can be just as miserable if not more so. You need to check the roof, too, to ensure there are no cracks or missing tiles that make your insulation efforts a moot point.

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Have a floor plan

One of the worst mistakes to make is finding you have too much stuff for all your space. Before you start bringing all your furniture out, put a floor plan together. See how much space you have and how much you can devote to furniture. You don’t want to end up cluttering your space to the point you get claustrophobic.

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Make it your own

Once you know the limits you’re working in, it’s all about getting your own style to fit those limitations. If you don’t already have a lot of furniture to bring along, that’s a good place to start. Find style idea guides to give you a bit of inspiration and pick out the focal points and most appealing pieces of furniture. It’s those crucial elements you use to decide the palette or a room, so don’t paint the walls first. Inject a bit of your own personality by getting your hobbies on display, whether it’s a wall of records or putting up some library shelves. Personally appealing posters and photos of families and friends can really add that heartfelt sense of self to a home, too.

Once you have your house really turned into a home, all you have to do is get used to it. Invite some friends over to throw a house-warming party. Positive experiences are one of the easiest ways to find yourself loving a new place.

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