Hands-On Foot Health

Hands-On Foot Health

Whether you find yourself standing up all day – maybe as part of your daily work – or constantly walking, it’s important to keep your feet healthy. Indeed, developing aches and getting sore feet might seem like an almost inevitable chore of your daily activities. But it isn’t! Standing up or walking regularly should never be synonymous with feet pains and troubles. If there is a pain, there is a remedy to fight it. Consequently, following a previous article that was looking at helping your body to better cope with a constant standing position, it’s time to zoom in and explore the real foot of the problem. Discover a little more about the three most common foot health issues.

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Say No To Blisters

If you have once already bought a pair of new shoes and complained about the painful blisters they gave you, then you need to know that blisters don’t have to be part of the famous breaking in battle. Understanding where blisters come from and using preventive methods will help you to feel like walking on clouds in your new stilettos! This starts by ignoring vanity and making sure that the shoes fit, even if you have to buy a size bigger or larger than normal. How much your feet rub and catch against your shoes will depend of natural foot sweat. You can manage this phenomenon with antiperspirants. If you want to completely eliminate frictions, you can look for blister-prevention sticks and anti-chafing products to lubricate your skin.

Avoid Painful Bunions

Bunions are one of the most common foot ailments. But what are bunions, you may ask if you have never encountered this distortion in the foot structure, and here is the explanation. A bunion pushes your big toe laterally towards the second toe, which creates a noticeable bump on the side of the foot, just at the base of the big toe. This happens because the alignment of your bones has been disturbed and the first metatarsal bone is moved away. As a result, the pain can affect the way you walk and your entire posture. A weak posture naturally facilitates the apparition of bunions. Thankfully, you will find sturdy bunion splints that help to maintain your big toe straight and correct the issue. In extreme case, the bunion can be corrected surgically too.

No More Dried Feet

Dried feet, cracked and fissured heels are extremely common and tend to touch predominantly people who stand for long hours. However lack of moisture and improper footwear are also common causes besides more serious ones such as diabetes and thyroid disease. They are more than simply unattractive – which could be annoying enough -, as they can lead to serious pain and infections if the crack extends to all skin layers. Yet, cracked feet are also very easy to cure with simple home remedies. Soaking your feet in warm soapy to help soften the skin will facilitate the removal of the dead skin cells with a scrubbing stone. For best results you can finish the treatment by applying a generous coat of coconut or olive oil to moisturise your skin.

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