6 Tips Getting Over Past Hurts in a Relationship and Move On

By Guest Blogger Mason B.

6 Tips Getting Over Past Hurts in a Relationship and Move On


Being in a relationship gives one a happy and exciting feeling. It allows one to feel so blessed, special, and extraordinary with the care and treatments were given to the person. Everyone hopes to find the right person who will treat them exceptionally, who will support them all the way, and who will bring out the best in them.


Some people are lucky enough to find this special person in an early stage of their life. While some are still struggling so hard waiting and finding for this special someone to be in a relationship. Others are blinded and unaware that the previously happy relationships are starting to fall apart. This part of life can cause major sadness and depression due to the hurts and pain.


It is also at this point of life that one should learn to accept the things that happened to be able to let go of the past and move on. A lot of ways can be done to ensure new joy and happiness in life. This can be easily achieved by following simple steps or tips on how to get over the past and become a renewed person.


Practice releasing regrets

People tend to dwell on the wrong things done which allow the end and the changes in the relationship. This may seem productive for some time. However, it should come to an end. One should instead focus on the good side and things that happened in life. Remember that a lot of people are there to support and to help.  These people will help to let go of the feelings by short conversations. But remember not to be so hard and drown the entire feelings to them. Always focus on the positive side of life and always pull one to be the best.


Express your pain – and your responsibility

One should know to express the pain that made you feel hurt. It is important to get all the pain out of your system. Doing this will enable one to fully understand the reason behind the sufferings and pain. One of the most common ways that can be used to express oneself is through writing. This can include writing in a journal or in the form of a letter. Write anything and everything to make one feel better. Remember that the pain being felt is normal and will go away in time. Learn from the mistakes and use this to move on with the next phases of life.


Stop being the victim and blaming others

When pain arises, it is always good to feel like a victim or being on the winning side of the team. However, keep in mind that the world doesn’t care about it. The pain that one is feeling is only a part of the big scenario in life. Refrain from focusing on one aspect only, instead focus on the complex picture of life. The choice of living peacefully and meaningfully simply relies on the choice of the person. A person should always choose the bright side of life. It is their responsibility to start feeling good again, pursues happiness, and enjoys life to the fullest.


Recognize and replace fearful thoughts

Always learn to recognize mistakes and the possible consequences of every action. Once fear is felt, pray and know how to replace the sad thoughts in one’s mind. Never be afraid to face the new challenges that the changes have to offer. Some opt to choose the hard way. This includes legal actions such as services from the DeRoberts Law Firm. It may be fearful at times but may be rewarding as well. Always embrace changes and recognize several thoughts. If positive thoughts are present, continue thinking and inspiring. But f negative thoughts arise; replace the thoughts with a positive outlook on life.

Focus on the present

Always focus on the present happenings. Stop thinking of the past things that occurred and stop reliving the memories that it gives. Remember that the past situations can no longer be undone. Consider today o the present day as the best phase of life and enjoy every single detail of it. Give time for healing and using the past experiences as helps motivate to become a better person in the present. One should give a big room for anything positive in the present rather than stay in the shadows of the past.


Forgive yourself and others

The first step in achieving the goal of forgetting the past and moving on is to forgive oneself. The change should always start in oneself. Accept the fact that something wrong was done. It is also necessary that one forgive others who have hurt them. Without forgiveness, one will be stuck in pain and agony. Do not be afraid to forgive one and others since it is not a sign of weakness. Forgiveness is also a way of seeing things from another point of view. The step of forgiveness is a way to live in the future with all the peace, joys, and happiness in life.


Life is full of surprises. Always remember that there are ups and downs. Learn to enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy every single detail that it has to offer. If pains and hurts arise, never ever give up, it is just temporary. Instead, learn to accept defeat and pain, stand up, and face life again. Keep in mind; you only live once (YOLO).

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