Transform Your Home Into a Soothing Sanctuary

Transform Your Home Into a Soothing Sanctuary

Your home is your safe place, your sanctuary from the world. When you’ve had a bad day at work or life has gotten a little stressful, your home should feel like your own little haven. It’s so important to get enough rest and relaxation, without it both your mental and physical health can suffer, so it’s more than just a luxury. Here are some of the ways you can turn your home into a soothing sanctuary.


Color can have a profound effect on the human brain. We respond emotionally to different colors on a subconscious level. You can tap into this by using colors that psychologists have shown to be soothing, especially in the areas of the home that you relax in most such as the bathroom, bedrooms and living room. Neutrals are always a good choice, or very light pastel blues, greens or lavender. Opting for a light shade will keep the space bright and airy which is what you want in your home. You might love how deep reds, blacks, and other bold colors look décor-wise. But they’re definitely not the most relaxing shades. It’s something to bear in mind next time you redecorate.

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There are certain pieces of furniture that it’s worth pushing the boat out for and spending the extra on. One of these is your bed. Since as humans we spend so much time sleeping and in bed, it doesn’t make sense to try and make savings here. A good mattress will support your weight, reduce painful pressure points and keep you at the right temperature. Memory foam, gel, and latex mattresses perform consistently better in independent tests compared with springs. So if yours is due for an update (this should be done every seven years), these are the materials to consider. Another piece of furniture to spend the extra on is your sofa. When you’re relaxing at home (and you’re not sleeping) chances are you’ll be on the sofa. It’s the perfect place to watch tv, read, nap and host guests, so it needs to be good quality. Cheaper models might look ok, to begin with, but won’t hold up as well over time and can become springy or sagging. If you have children, pets or both, leather might be your best bet since it can easily be cleaned and wiped down. Another piece of furniture you could invest in to turn your home into a soothing sanctuary is a massage chair. Zero gravity helps to give you the very best massage experience, so you could opting for a chair which offers a ‘zero gravity.’

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The best way to set the mood and ambiance at home is with the right lighting. Along with your main overhead light, you should have different lamps offering varying levels of brightness. You can do this by choosing a lamp with a variety of brightness settings, or by investing in ‘smart bulbs’ which allow you to control the brightness from your phone. You can adjust the brightness in a room depending on what you’re doing, whether it’s crafting, watching tv, eating or reading. That way you always have the perfect relaxing lighting which is neither too bright or too dim.

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