To Make Your Hair Go “Pouf”

To Make Your Hair Go “Pouf”

If you thought that it was the end of big hair, you were wrong. Big hair is back with a vengeance, and now lots of women are trying it out for themselves. Here’s what to do to make your hair go “pouf.”

Blow Dry It Upside Down

Some women advise not to wash your hair if you want it to go “pouf.” But if you can’t stand going without washing, or if you have naturally oily hair, shampooing might be your only option. If so, then there are still ways to make your hair go big. First off, make sure that when you dry your hair, you blow dry it upside down. This will help give volume to the hair by separating out all the individual strands and helping the hair near the hair follicles stand upright, directly out of the scalp. Find the best hair dryer for thick hair and make sure you flip your hair over so that you can get at the under side too. This will give your hair volume right from the start.

Grab Your Flat Iron

It might sound counterintuitive, but if you’re going for that “pouf” look, all the hair on your head needs to be as straight as possible. For those with naturally frizzy hair, this stage is obvious. But even if your hair is usually straight, flat irons are still a must. If you’ve got curly hair, this stage could be a little difficult, but you’ve probably straightened it before, so do your best. Make sure to check out products that can help make the straightening process easier so that you don’t end up tangled in your own irons.

Use Products That Volumize

If you’ve ever watched Dusty Springfield or Barbara Windsor and wondered how they get their hair so big, the answer is volumizing products, usually lots of them. In the past, many stars and celebs used mousses and gels. But these are uncomfortable, and today, they aren’t nearly as popular. An alternative is to use volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Often these contain powerful volumizing compounds, helping you avoid going through an extra stage after you’ve blow-dried your hair. You can also use volumizing sprays or spritz if you feel that your hair is falling a little flat. When it comes to volume, every little bit helps.

Tease Your Hair

No, we’re not suggesting you make fun of your hair, even though by the time you get to this stage it might be worthy of it. Instead, tease your hair, by gently backcombing a section of it, spraying it, and then repeating the process. If done right, your hair shouldn’t end up looking like a bird’s nest. According to some, not washing, your hair makes it easier to tease. It gives hair the kind of texture it needs for teasing to work really well. Teasing, however, can still be effective with straightened hair.

Work With The Right Tools

Finally, to make big hair, you need the right tools. It’s a good idea to have a blow dryer with a diffuser, as well as hair products that will protect your hair as it is straightened.

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