Surviving a Scorching Summer Heat Wave

Surviving a Scorching Summer Heat Wave

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If you live in the southern hemisphere, you’ll already be experiencing a gorgeous hot summer, if not you have a couple of months to prepare! Either way, getting through a heat wave (especially if you live in a warm climate) can be a struggle, although the sunny days are certainly lovely. Here are some of the ways you can get through that heat wave and enjoy the summer without feeling too hot and uncomfortable.

Have Air Conditioning Installed

Even if you only live in a part of the world that gets hot for a short period, getting air conditioning installed is still worth it. You’ll thank yourself when a heat wave hits! Certain climates such as the dry scorching weather in Australia may benefit from a specialist system such as Actron Air Conditioning. The same applies if you live in South America, a southern state or anywhere else where it’s particularly hot. But either way, do your research and have a unit installed that’s right for you. During a heat wave where fans aren’t enough, air conditioning will control the temperature, so you don’t get uncomfortable and are able to sleep soundly.

Install Thermal Blackout Blinds

Thermal blackout blinds are a great way to control both the light and heat in the room. If you wake up in the morning with the sun baking you in your bed, or come upstairs to a boiling room each night where the sun has been shining through the window, then these will prevent that. They come in lots of styles and designs it’s easy to find something that suits your decor and tastes. Keep them closed or partially closed during the day to block out heat and prevent the house from heating up.

Reduce Your Body Temperature Before Bed

If you don’t have air conditioning, one of the worst parts of a heat wave is trying to sleep. Since our bodies need to drop in temperature to aid the sleeping process, when you’re too warm it’s not able to do that. It can be tempting to jump into a freezing cold bath or shower when you’re feeling warm, but actually doing that will cause you to warm up more quickly once you’re out. Taking a lukewarm bath, just a little below body temperature will cool you down and keep you cool for longer afterward too. This should give you enough time to get into bed and fall asleep.

Make Your Bed Cool and Comfy

It makes sense to have two duvets, one for the warmer months and one for the cooler months. During a heat wave, you might want to forfeit your duvet entirely and use a thin blanket instead, which will keep you comfy without trapping lots of body heat. Using breathable cotton sheets instead of thicker materials or satin/ silk will stop you from overheating or sweating during the night.

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What’s the weather like where you live right now? In the midst of winter, or enjoying a scorching summer?

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