Stop Thinking Outside the Box and Get Back In!

Stop Thinking Outside the Box and Get Back In!

It’s 2017. It’s gotten to a point where people are trying too hard to think outside of the box in order to a give a gift that will impress, delight and astound the receiver. It’s hard to do, it takes up a lot of time although the results are probably worth the stress (often, though, this is not the case).

Why aren’t we sticking with the traditional? Is it getting to the point where traditional is the new ‘thinking outside of the box’? If so, clap your hands and cheer because here are the top Valentine’s gifts that will never go out of style.

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There are so many alternative sites now that have popped up in an effort to get you to steer away from the traditional flowers and pick something a little less … expected. There are so many different varieties of flower and foliage to put into a bunch or arrangement (did you know that cabbages are even being added in?!)  that there is no chance that you could be boring or stereotypical. Just let the florist know what you’re aiming for and let them surprise you – they’re in this profession because they know what they’re doing. They know what’s in style (yes, flowers have trends), what’s in season and most of all what will look amazing.

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Gone are the days of normal, boring chocolates! Artisans are making appearances at pop-up shops, food markets and even online, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they are going over and above the call of duty to make exceptional chocolates for Valentine’s Day – after all, what other day in the year could require such exquisite luxury food to specifically to impress? Don’t even mention Christmas – we’ve just gotten over that.



Balloons are coming back with a vengeance, with some people choosing balloons over flowers and other ornamental decorations to deck-out venues for occasions such as weddings, baptisms and bar/bat mitzvahs. Can you remember how excited you were to get a balloon when you were younger? There’s something about them which is just fun, and you can get them in any style to suit your tastes – even if there is an in-joke about a cartoon character, political figure or any other item you can think of, you can bet there is a balloon to go with it. Although they may not be your go-to when thinking of Valentine’s Day gifts, they will always be super-cute and appreciated.

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What’s the point of getting all dressed up to go out on a date if you’re not smelling good? Choosing a perfume or aftershave that you like for your partner will always go down a treat; it may not be a smell that they would have gone for themselves, thus broadening their horizons and scent collection, or you could be replacing a bottle that you know they love. Either way, it’s always good to give yourself a spritz before going on a date. Smell is one powerful sense, and a simple sniff of whatever you were wearing on the night can throw you straight back into the memory. Let’s just hope it was one worth remembering!

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