A Healthy Lifestyle Through The Ages: A Timeline

A Healthy Lifestyle Through The Ages: A Timeline


Living in the world that we do, it’s more important now than ever to lead a healthy lifestyle. As medicine, technology and research advances, better levels of health are more accessible to us. And, we also know a lot more about staying healthy than our elders ever did. But, health doesn’t come with a one size fits all kind of attitude; it will mean something different to everyone. Lifestyle factors do play a significant role in this, but, you will also find that age does too. At various stages in life, we require different things, both health wise and in our lifestyles.


First up, let’s talk about childhood. If you have little ones, this could be something you already know, or that you benefit from. But, children require a totally different level of nutrition than we do as adults. They’re still growing. And fast. They need to sure that their growth is aided by not only what they eat and drink, by their lifestyles too. Fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, is amazing for growing children, but so is generous amounts of exercise, love, support and fun, if you want to raise a well-balanced, healthy kid.


Before long, that kid will turn into a teen and again, their healthy lifestyle needs will change. From birth to around the age of 18, a children’s needs will change, but there is a significant different when they hit their teenage years: enter an influx of hormones. This could mean that their reaction to different foods will change, and their lifestyle choices will start to take affect. At this age, you need to learn and adapt to realize what it right.

Young Adult

Then we hit our young adult stage. This could be anywhere from 18-22, until around our late or mid-thirties. It’s often the time that you’re spent living and learning, growing as a human, dating and finding your feet in life. Although you are (and your children will be) grown at this stage, you still have vital health needs that will shape your future. Your lifestyle choices may affect your fertility or predisposition to terminal illnesses. So although you feel fearless, it’s time to think about the future with the decisions you make.


You get married, have children and before you know it, you’re middle-aged. Now, this figure will depend on your outlook on life. It could be considered as anywhere between 40-60, to say the least. During this part of your life, you’re going to want to cut back on things like drinking and smoking, if you haven’t already. You’ve done well with your diet and exercise to stay healthy for this long, but it won’t last for ever if you don’t start taking health advice seriously (click here for more healthy living ideas).

Old Age

And then, it’s on to old age. It could be anytime after the age of 60, or whatever the retirement age is for you. Seniors have vitally different health needs to adults, teens, and children. In fact, their bodies may be declining at a rapid rate. If you have elderly parents, it’s important to know how to care for them and help their health out as best as you can. And think ahead to when you’re a senior, to know what essential health tips might apply to you too.

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