Stupid Tip Of The Day: Locked Out Of Home

Stupid Tip Of The Day: Locked Out Of Home


I don’t care how smart you are, everyone and anyone are capable of locking themselves out of their home. A mild distraction, a freak gust of wind, or just a busy rush to the door is all it takes. I’ve done it – and I bet you have, too. But it’s one of those situations that everyone does, but no one talks about. I thought I would put that right today by giving you some clever tips to solve an incredibly dumb situation.

Check for open windows

Before launching a granite slab through your beautiful French windows, stop and take stock. There might be a window open somewhere, which could solve your problem straight away – if it is safe enough to get up there, of course. Just be wary of what is inside, as well as your stability. It’s also worth trying every other door knob that gives you access to your home. Again, you might be lucky, and it will save you plenty of embarrassment as well as a good deal of money.


Get help

First of all, ring up your housemates or family members. If they have a key and are coming home soon, it’s probably worth waiting around before you spend any money. It’s also worth asking around for some help – particularly if you are going to scale any heights to use a window. They can help you by lending you a ladder, and supporting it so you can get to the window safely.

Call a locksmith

Don’t ‘um’ and ‘ah’ about it – when you are locked out of house, call a locksmith. The quicker you do, the sooner you will be inside again. Ask for quotes, first – prices can vary wildly. You might have to pay a call out charge as well as the service fee so be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. That said, a locksmith will still be a lot cheaper than repairing a window, door, or the medical bills you might have to pay when you come down with hypothermia.


Break in

If it’s too late for the locksmith – or you just can’t afford it – you might have to break into your home. I would recommend knocking around your neighbors and telling them what you are doing unless you want the police called for suspicious behavior. However, you don’t’ have to take to your impressive wooden door with an ax – there are more subtle ways to break in. You could try the credit card method for breaking in if you have spring bolts in your locks. If you can find a screwdriver, you could take off your door knob, too. As long as the deadbolt hasn’t been used, it should give you access to move the locking tool inside.

Prepare for next time

Finally, don’t ever let this happen again. It’s one thing to be ultra secure, but being locked out is never a nice experience. Drop a spare key around to a trusted neighbor or nearby friend. If you hate your neighbors, try buying a hide-a-key device – it could be a flowerpot or it might be a combination lock with a spare key inside. However, be aware that burglars know where these will be hidden, so choose somewhere completely out of the way. Hope this has helped – I’ll see you soon for another stupid tip of the day!

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