Damn Good Ways To Get More Organic Food Into Your Diet On A Budget 

Damn Good Ways To Get More Organic Food Into Your Diet On A Budget

The benefits of a healthy organic diet are well known. But as organic food tends to be priced higher than its counterparts it can be a struggle to keep to our organic eating goals. However, by following the tips below you can make eating organic easy and cheap enough to do all the time.

Swap Out The Meat

Meat is expensive even when it isn’t organic, add the ‘O’ work to a pack, and then the price tends to go through the roof. This means that buying organic meat every day can be too expensive, so what can you do instead?

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Well, how about swapping the meat out for another protein source that is organic and cheaper and healthier too? Things like lentils and beans have lots of protein in them, and they are also full of fiber which is great for your health. Replace meat burger with red pepper and lentils one or try a chili made with beans instead of mince. In this way, you can save money and be healthier just by swapping out a few portion of meat a week.

Juice More

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way of getting more organic food into your diet. This is because you can make mixes of fruit and veg that you might not eat together but go great together in juice. For example, why not try a delicious green citrus juice?

It’s also a really great way of using little bits of leftover organic fruit and veg, so nothing goes to waste. Making your shops even more economical.

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Of course, you will need a trusty juicer to do this. Just pop over here for some recommendations if you are stuck on which one to buy.

Grown Your Own

Another great way of getting organic produce for a low cost is to dig for victory in your own backyard and grow your own. OK, it will probably depend on where you live, and the climate you live in as to what fruits and veg you can grow.

Warmer climes are more favorable for citrus fruits and olives. Whereas cooler climates suit root vegetables like carrots and turnips. But you can get indoor hydroponics centers or outdoor greenhouses if you don’t have the right natural growing conditions.

Buy in Bulk

Another great way of getting organic food into your diet without breaking the bank is to buy the items in bulk. This works especially well for dry items that can last a long time like rice, nuts, and pasta.

Buying in bulk means that you getting a better price per item or portion than you would if you bought them separately as you need them. You can also buy larger quantities at a low price, and you have plenty of time to eat it before it is out of date.

Buy Direct

Lastly, if you are committed to eating organic, then it is worth investigating local producers that are in line with this.

Buying direct from the farm can make your purchases cheaper. You also get to support a local independent business, and save on Co2 emissions, as the food does not have to be transported all over the country to get to you home.

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