Your Conservatory Winter Friendly And Enjoy The Space All Year Round

Your Conservatory Winter Friendly And Enjoy The Space All Year Round

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We all want to make our house as cozy as possible. The desire for home comforts is never more than in the winter. When the weather is bad and the days are short, it’s nice to be able to nest in your home.  Do you make full use of your house during the colder months? Do you lock some rooms and not use them at all? Conservatories can be great during those summer months when you can bask in the sun or sit by the open doors. All too often, though, they end up neglected during winter. Are you guilty of closing the doors on the conservatory as soon as the weather turns? It’s time to rethink your behavior! Turn your conservatory into a hub this winter with these tips.


A major part of why conservatories go unloved during winter is the cold weather. Who wants to sit in an icy room when there’s a warm house right next to it? There are things you can do to keep your conservatory warm all year round. You could take invest in a portable heater. It’ll surprise you how quickly that’ll heat the place. For something a bit more permanent, you could get underfloor heating installed. Or how about a Guardian warm roof? There’s no need to sit in the cold. Take a look at your options and decide how you would like to heat your conservatory.


It’s also worth considering the light in your conservatory. Some conservatories already have lights installed, while some don’t have any at all. Those that do already have lighting can often be quite harsh. A bright, white light is not going to invite you to sit down for a relaxing evening. Turn your attention to less harsh lighting that will add to your cozy conservatory atmosphere. Fairy lights give off a great glow, as well as forming a quirky centerpiece! How about a freestanding lamp? Think of soft lighting that will invite you to spend time in your conservatory of an evening.


When Christmas arrives, introduce the festive spirit into your conservatory. Why not switch those fairy lights for a set of twinkling Christmas lights? Conservatories often have plenty of free space, so why not introduce a Christmas tree? Getting Christmassy in the conservatory is great fun. It also allows the neighbors to see your beautiful decorations. If you’ve got small children, why not turn the conservatory into Santa’s grotto? How about turning it into the North Pole and taking them on an adventure?

However you choose to use your conservatory this winter, make sure it’s being used! There’s nothing worse than dark corners of your house that are locked up for half the year. It’s such a waste, and it makes the house feel fractured. The conservatory space can be perfect all year round. Have fun and get creative when thinking about how best to use the space. There are so many possibilities; you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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