Making A to B Easy: How To Banish Moving Woes

Making A to B Easy: How To Banish Moving Woes

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So, you’re moving into a new property. This experience can differ from person to person. People moving into their first property probably have fewer belongings to take with them and will have a much easier time of things. If you have children and have lived in your home for over a decade, you’re likely to have a harder time of it. But, there are certain things that almost everyone experiences when moving home. There are ways to avoid these things and make life easier for yourself. Here are a few examples.

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Packing is probably going to be the longest part of your moving process. It takes a long time to get all of your belongings packed up in boxes. This stress of this part is fairly unavoidable. But there are certain hacks that will make things a little easier for you when you’re unpacking. Don’t bother taking all of your clothes off of their hangers, instead, keep them on their hangers and slide them straight into a bin liner. The liner will protect your clothes and can just be pulled off as they’re hung in the wardrobe in your new home. Use suitcases for your heavier items; they will be easier to move on wheels with a handle. Pack with rhyme and reason: keep similar items in similar boxes. It just makes sense. Then you can unpack one room at a time. For example, kitchen first, bathroom second, bedroom third and so on. Also remember to pack a small bag with all of your essentials in, so you’re not searching through all of your belongings when you’re trying to get ready the next morning. Things that should go into this smaller bag can include toothbrushes, makeup, hair tools, underwear, socks and a couple of outfits.

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So, it’s moving day. The time has come to actually get the move done and dusted. But do you really want to drive back and forth between your old home and new home? Multiple trips carting things between properties can be exhausting. What’s more? It takes up more than energy; it takes up time and money. If you have larger objects to transport from A to B, bring in a professional who specializes in furniture removals. This alone will make life so much easier for you. These people can transport the big things to your new property. They will load it out of the van and even help you to navigate it up flights of stairs. This could potentially be the hardest or easiest part of your move, so it is definitely worth paying out a little and saving yourself a whole lot of stress.

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So you’re finally into your new home. It’s time to start making it feel like your own. But hold your horses before you start unpacking everything at once. If you’re going to be decorating your rooms, it might be easier to paint the walls and ceilings while your belongings are still safe and secure in their boxes. When you do start unpacking, take it one room at a time. It’s easier to do this than to jump from one room to another.

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