Dealing with a Small Space the Best Way Possible

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Dealing with a Small Space the Best Way Possible

Even the wealthiest people have to deal with small spaces at some point in their life – not every room in the manor is huge (well, this might not be completely true). Making the most out of small spaces goes beyond mere functionality, albeit this might be the most important aspect of it. A properly made up room is always pleasant to look at and be in, which means a great deal in terms of mood and productivity.


image-1-3This step is definitely the most important one – you cannot really have a properly organized space if it is cluttered in any way. Approaching decluttering, regardless of how easy it might sound, often turns out to be tricky – there are probably many items in there that you’ll think twice (or more) about throwing away. In order to clear up the room of unnecessary stuff, you’ll need to detach yourself from these objects – they are objects, after all and you can’t be sentimental about all of them. The best way to approach ridding yourself of clutter is by designating items that truly are of sentimental value to you – you need to do this on your own, whilst being objective. Secondly, think about items that you haven’t used in more than a year – unless it’s equipment for emergency, chances are that you won’t be needing these. Items that you have deemed unnecessary, but too valuable to throw away are best put aside.

Sell the Unused

The items you’ve put aside can probably be sold or given away. Think about your friends and family here – could any of your close ones make use from these items? If the answer is ‘yes’, then start handing out the presents. The remaining unused stuff should be sold. Think about websites such as eBay and Amazon and put the stuff up for sale as soon as possible – it might take some time for offers to start popping up. When you realize you’ve rid yourself of the clutter, proceed to the next step.

Organize Properly

image-3-3I know that you’d like a large wardrobe and that wall shelves might not be to your liking. But you are dealing with a small amount of space here – you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you are making the most out of a room, not making it into something that it isn’t. Naturally, you always have the option of tearing down the walls, but instead of doing this, think about adding another door to the small space in question. Doors Sydney have many convenient solutions that won’t compromise your idea of a small room. In any case, make sure that you realize that you won’t be able to disregard the wall shelves and other items, convenient for small spaces.


image-8Light plays a key role in any part of your house – it can seriously affect your mood, productivity and make a room appear larger (or smaller, if not properly supplied). Windows big enough for daytime are crucial in order for your small area to appear larger, but if there is no room for windows on your walls, a quality skylight will do the trick. When it comes to nighttime, you’ll have to opt for proper lighting. Placing mirrors in the target room will help scatter the light everywhere, but without quality LED lights, these reflections won’t do you much good. LED lights do tend to be more expensive than your regular lighting, but pay off in the long run and are great for the environment!

image-4-2Making the most of a small space might be a arduous task for your weekends, but putting a small space in order will help you get an extra room, to working at home, study or simply make it the place where your enjoy your hobby.

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