Thinking Of Selling? How To Survive The Home Inspection

Thinking Of Selling? How To Survive The Home Inspection

When you are selling your house not only do you have to think about making it look like a show home but you also have to think about the home inspection. Fail that, and you’re likely not to have a buyer anyway. At a home inspection, your home will be surveyed from top to bottom, with all the nooks and crannies being thoroughly checked for any problems. Home inspections are carried out to protect the buyer from any unforeseen problems in the investment. And in the US nearly four out of five homes sold have had a home inspection. Curious to know what some of the biggest problems in your home could be? Read on to find out how to survive the home inspection.

Dress Up Your Home

Before the home inspection, the best thing you can do is dress up your home so it looks the best it can be. This means sparkling clean windows, carpets, and curtains. Check exterior steps for any loose bits and fill in any cracks in the interior walls. Also give you home a fresh coat of paint if possible. Before the home inspection repair disconnected or rotting gutters and clear them of leaves. Go through your house with a fine tooth comb. It may be that you need to fix your blocked toilet or get the oven professionally cleaned. It could be that you have a dripping faucet that needs repairing or your heating and cooling systems need a service. Make sure to address all these points before a home inspection to show your house off in tip top shape.

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The Roof

Sometimes it could be your roof that causes issues with the home inspection. It may be that you simply need to fix a few loose tiles or it could be that the whole roof needs replacing. Usually, if there is a problem, the repair will be negotiated after the inspection. It will be up to both seller and buyer to work out who is willing to pay for what.

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The Windows

Another issue that can come up at inspection are problems with the windows in your home. It could be that they don’t open properly, that they have bad seals or are leaking, or that they cause a large amount of condensation. If it’s small problems like small gaps near seals, the issue can be fixed at home using chaulk. However, if you need to replace windows, it is going to be a costly job. But if you don’t, your buyer may pull out during the home inspection. It’s worth weighing up the pros and cons.

Interior Problems

The home inspection can also bring to light issues inside your house. These can be electrical problems such as bad wiring or heating problems such as out of date thermostats or old HVAC systems. There will also be an assessment on your plumbing to make sure there are no old or leaking pipes or badly running hot water heaters. Try and resolve all of these issues before the home inspection. Because once you are at this stage you are likely to be accepting the lowest price you are willing to reach. And the buyer is also likely to be at the highest price he wants to go to as well.

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