Six stylish tips on how to wear a jumpsuit

By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

Six stylish tips on how to wear a jumpsuit


image-3-2 A jumpsuit has been gaining popularity for the last few years and has unquestionably become a popular fashionable clothing item. It is both trendy and practical and it consists of two parts, top and bottom, joined in one piece. Now that the cold winter days are ahead of us, wearing a dress is not the best option as it may leave you freezing. On the other hand, a jumpsuit is a perfect solution for those chilly days since it covers up almost all of your body. Also, it is suitable for any occasion and can make you look both casual and super chic. Today, they are available in a variety of shapes, colors and patterns and can be easily matched with any accessory in order to make a complete outfit. However, if they are not worn correctly they can accentuate all of your flaws and imperfections and make you feel insecure. If you want to avoid feeling intimidated when choosing the right jumpsuit, take a look at these few tips.

Define your waist

Choosing the right jumpsuit can be a bit tricky as it’s purpose is to emphasize the woman’s waist and define the curvy look. One of the ways to achieve this is to find a suitable belt and cinch your jumpsuit at the waist. If you are leaning towards a more elegant style you can go for a golden statement belt which goes perfectly with a black, red or navy jumpsuit.

Show some cleavage

Classy Jumpsuits II
Classy Jumpsuits II

If you are looking for a sexier look, opt for a jumpsuit with major cleavage and make your plunging neckline visible and seductive. By adding some flashy jewelry, such as a short necklace or statement earrings, you will accentuate the upper part of the body and draw the attention away from the cleavage. It’s all about the effect you are trying to produce and the style you want to achieve.

Choose a feminine print

This winter’s fashion designers have embraced many comebacks such as a black and white polka dot fashion design, floral print, ruffles and stripes. They appear almost everywhere – on dresses, jumpsuits and accessories. Choosing a floral or polka dot jumpsuit adds to a more feminine and charming look. However, avoid adding too much jewelry as it might be a little bit over the top.

Wear heels with wide leg jumpsuit

image-7Wearing heels can transform any outfit and change it from casual to classy. You can always add a spark to your look by choosing the right pair of high heels. Wearing a nice solid formal playsuit with appropriate high heels creates a sophisticated and classy look. Also, if you happen to wear wide leg jumpsuit, which has been taking over the runways for quite some time now, avoid wearing slippers or flats as it will create a sloppy look. Always go for a nice pair of skinny nude heels because it will extend your body figure and make you look taller.

Go casual

image-1-2This unique fashion item can be casual too. Combining it with a pair of light sneakers and a denim jacket and spicing it up with just a little bit of jewelry creates a perfect every day loose outfit, which is not only stylish but also very comfy and practical.

Find the perfect fit

Most of us, before choosing most of our clothing, need to consider our size and body build. Finding a jumpsuit that fits your body is essential and anything too tight or too loose should be avoided. Tight jumpsuit will make you feel uncomfortable and loose jumpsuit will fail to accentuate your body curves and make you look unpolished.

image-6Although choosing the right jumpsuit can be a bit overwhelming, it surely is fun playing with it and experimenting with all sorts of accessories so as to create a desirable effect but at the same time feel comfortable in it.

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