5 reasons why you should use essential oils

By Guest Blogger, Kristy B.

5 reasons why you should use essential oils

You may or may not have already heard about essential oils, but as more research is conducted and more people talk about their incredible benefits you might want to jump on the bandwagon and start taking advantage of them!

Essential oils can be incorporated into your routine in a number of ways, but you must remember not to drink them!
A popular method is to incorporate them into your skincare routine, you can also inhale them as part of aromatherapy, use them in massage, in a diffuser and also as a compress.

But why would you want to use essential oils?

1. Glowing skin.

If you want a radiant glow, try adding some essential oils into your skincare at night. Popular essential oils to incorporate are frankincense and myrrh.
Adding a couple of drops of these oils into your moisturizer can help in a range of ways, from reducing inflammation (meaning it’s good for acne), to premature aging and wound healing it’s hard to stop using it once you’ve started!

2. Mood-boosting.

Mental health is just as important as physical health and it’s important we give attention to how we are feeling inside. When applied topically, ylang ylang essential oil in particular has been found to relieve stress, calm people down and has an overall relaxing effect on the mind.
Finding or making your own ylang ylang blend and taking some with you as you travel about your day could be a simple remedy to help stay relaxed and focus on your mental well-being.

3. Beauty sleep.

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health; from improving your memory to staying in shape, you should try and attain the best nights sleep you can. Certain essential oils can help you get the better quality sleep more of the time. Interested? Try lavender oil. Lavender has been shown to improve quality of sleep and also shown to reduce anxiety.

4. All-rounders.

When you buy essential oils, make sure to buy high quality and organic, or you might not get the full benefit of the oil. If an oil isn’t organic you might get some unwanted effects from traces of pesticide residue concentrated in the oil. Buying the highest quality oils can sometimes be quite pricey, however, you don’t have to buy every essential oil there is – even though it can be quite tempting when you realize each of their benefits!

A good idea, particularly if you’re new to essential oils is to purchase an essential oil that is versatile and possesses a wide range of benefits. Tea tree oil is one of these great all-rounders to add to or begin your collection. The infographic below demonstrates some of tea tree oil’s benefits.


5. Immune boosters

Not feeling so great? When you’re feeling run down, different essential oils can combat different symptoms. Eucalyptus oil is antibacterial and can help clear your sinuses. It also stimulates your immune system, which in turn is going to help you feel better, faster.
The “flu fighter” oregano oil can also help you when you’re not feeling 100%, from helping with sore throats to it’s antiviral properties, it might be a suitable one to add to your collection if you’re prone to colds.

As you can see, the myriad of benefits essential oils can potentially provide are worth looking into and trying for yourself!