Everyday Items that Could Be Affecting How you Look and Feel!

Everyday Items that Could Be Affecting How you Look and Feel!

Believe it or not, there are some very common everyday items that could be having an effect on the way you look, or even how good you feel. Some are positive like this, but others are not like the ones below. Read on to see if any of these things could be causing an issue in your life.

Hot Water

Ok, so I hopefully you do have hot water in your home! You will need it for washing your body, washing up dirty dishes and clothes. But did you know that hot water isn’t always good for you?

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This is particularly the case when you are washing your hair. For your hair, washing it in scalding water all the time can strip some of the natural oils that create its shine and luster. That is why it’s recommended that the last rinse of your hair be in cold water. Rinsing in cold water can help prevent flyaways too. It’s to do with ensuring that the individual hair textures are all laying down for a sleek finish.

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Regarding your body, you need to be careful if bathing in very hot water. Not only can you burn yourself, but repeated exposure to hot baths could damage your circulation.  It can also upset the balance if natural flora and fauna in your body, and lead to problems like yeast infections.

Hard Water

But it’s not only hot water that is a problem but hard water too! Hard water is water that is full of mineral deposits like magnesium and calcium. The water picks these up naturally on its journey through the water table. But they can be bad for both your skin and hair. In fact, some people living in hard water areas report that they don’t feel as clean after a shower because of the residue the water leaves.  This can cause itching and other skin complaints.


So what can be done? Well, using  a water softening device is one solution. These work either by magnets, or salt to neutralize the mineral in the water supply. You can read more about them in articles like these water softener reviews.


Parabens are chemicals that are included in a lot of personal hygiene products like shampoos, body washes and even make up. It has recently been found that they can be absorbed by the body when in use regularly. Disturbingly,  it has also been noticed that there is a correlation between the use of parabens and cancer. Go here for more info. So remember to check the ingredients of your products before you buy and shun those contain parabens if this is a concern.


Bleach has many uses in the modern home, from cleaning toilets to removing the color from hair. It is seen to be safe to use, although there are warning on the bottle of its corrosive and toxic nature.

But did you now using too much bleach in cleaning can be bad for you health? This is because it is so toxic it can irritate your skin and even burn your eyes if you don’t use it in a well-ventilated room.


Even when using bleach on hair, you have to be very careful as if left on too long it can burn the skin or cause a nasty allergic reaction!

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