How to paint a wall red, if the paint won’t cover properly.

By Tia Cristy


I wanted to paint my living room a deep red. I knew it would take a couple coats, but I’m up to about 10 coats and it still looks terrible! I’m at a loss should I cover it with a different color or hire a professional? Tara

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Tip from Tia:

I love red, obviously. Red is by far, the hardest color to work with. It is actually a thinner paint than other colors, that is why it is so hard to get a decent coverage. I assume you didn’t use a primer? Either way, that’s alright. It is best if you choose to paint with a red or orange base color for better coverage, and be sure to use a grey primer before you start.

Now, in this case you are already 10 coats in, you can change the texture of your painting technique to give you a classy suede look. It’s quite simple and will now save you time, frustration and money. The suede technique is with a paint brush the width of your choice, and
you sweep the paint on in a constant “x” formation across the whole wall you’ve already painted. Yes it is the same color, but the red paint, as you have already witnessed, dries darker in thicker areas. Doing this technique will give a balance to the dark spots and a nice highlight to the thinner spots.

Other techniques can be used as well if you’re not a fan of the suede look. There is sponge, which is using a choppy sponge blotted across the wall. There is the rag painting which is messy, but really all painting can be messy. This technique is a twisted rag that you roll across the wall.

There are many techniques that home improvement stores have to offer as well. So check with them before calling in the professional. All of these painting techniques can help blend that problematic red and give a super custom look to your room.

A quick side note to remember, if you want to cover up that red now or in the future. Colors have a science behind them. Pigments are important in covering over another color. The best pigment to paint over red and orange is a neutral taupe color. It will give you the best coverage and overlay so pink tones don’t come cascading thru. And remember to be realistic, if you have a huge room or vaulted ceilings; the professional may just be the right way to go, since they have the right ladders scaffolding and tools for the job. Professional painters come in and get the job done right and quick and leave you with less
of a headache.  

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