Are You Hydrated?

By Tia Cristy


Are You Hydrated?


"Fit Man Drinking Water Isolated On White" by stockimages
“Fit Man Drinking Water Isolated On White” by stockimages



It is important to stay hydrated during the hot months of summer. A good way to tell that you’re getting enough fluids is, first and for most, remembering the last time you urinated. If you’ve been out in the sun for hours and haven’t had to pee for quite some time, there’s a good chance you need water.

Another good tell on dehydration is, the pinch test. The pinch test is just what it sounds like. Pinch the skin of your forearm and let it go. The skin should bounce back to normal, without your eyes even noticing it going back to normal, but if it appears your skin slowly goes back into place, then you need hydration.

Water is a great source to hydrate, but if you’re deeply dehydrated, grab a sports drink with low sugar content, yet contains sodium. This will quench your body’s needs faster.

If you find your skin has a yellowish tint, contact your doctor immediately. Staying hydrated is important for both your inside and outside. A lack of fluids can cause chaos to the nervous system, mental status and all major organs, which includes the skin. So, be sure to consume plenty of water during the day.

Remember, consuming alcoholic beverages, especially in the sun; can help in causing dehydration. So, drink in moderation and be safe this summer.

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